Hellcats -Premiere Review

Before watching the show Hellcats I had expected to unhappily be watching just to get it out of the way, but now I have seen it I must say it’s better then expected. As a disclaimer for the show, if you are uninterested by cheerleading shows with the usual girl/boy drama than you will not like this show. Although quite a few of the plot points were obvious -and not just because it was in the description- it was still enjoyable. We did still watch the show to make fun of it, but we were making predictions on what we thought would happen.
The acting is nothing to speak about; neither Aly Michaela, Ashley Tisdale, or any other main characters are fantastic actors. Trying to sound sincere may not be easy, so it brings a bit of a laugh, but it is accepted. One thing both Lauren and I noticed while watching this show was all of the popular music played in the show. Yes this is a cheer show so they will use a lot of music for the routines but even when they were not doing cheerleading scenes they played popular music which sometimes didn’t even work perfectly into the section.

This show should be taped and watched later. Enjoy, and send us a message commenting on the show telling us what you thought!


  1. Both boys Dan and Lewis will like Marti (Aly Michaela) and she will have to chose between her cheer life (Lewis) and her other life (Dan)
  2. Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) will start to like Dan
  3. Marti will start to love the cheer life and start to alienate Dan.

*These are just some of the ideas that Lauren and I were discussing, please do not blame us if none of these happen (although it’s classic teen drama situations).

Writing it for you, Holly.