Vampire Diaries -Premiere Review

I had been waiting for this show to preview since the last episode of the first season. his has all of the great parts of a teen drama people love. The acting is good by every actor. Whether you like Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine), Paul Wesley (Stefan), or Ian Somerhalder (Damon) you will not be disappointed from the first episode. The drama is back in full force by the first minute. Whichever coupling you had in mind, they’re probably going to have something go on. The plot is interesting, throwing problems at you from all different directions, about Katherine’s honesty, Bonnie’s true opinions, and how Elena really feels about the Salvatore brothers.

This show is a must watch, to love and swoon over all of the good characters this show has to offer.


  1. Caroline is going to end up as a vampire
  2. Damon, distraught both Katherine and Elena are in love with Stefan will gang up on him
  3. Katherine goes after Stefan
  4. Katherine tries to kill Elena
  5. Jeremy falls in love with a new girl
  6. Elena realizes she is actually in love with Damon as well as Stefan
  7. Tyler discovers all of his abilities brought on by the curse and he is a werewolf.

*if none of this actually happens then it is not our fault, we did not write the show*
we don’t actually predict Elena is in love with Damon, it’s really just because we are in love with Damon, and we want some Damon loving. 

Written by Lauren and Holly, giving you the best of the best.

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