Nikita -Premiere Review

Nikita is based on the movie La Femme Nikita in 1990 but this show did not seem captivating to me before starting, and at the end it was no different. Everyone did a reasonable acting job, there were no big problems, and the show moved along in its way. It was incredibly bland: nothing exciting happened, the fight scenes were terrible, and the main character was boring.
Although moving forward the plot never tried to send questions to the audience, never tried to make intrigue for the season, just the knowledge that Nikita will try to stop the agency, and every episode she will try and get slightly closer.
None of the characters (except maybe Alex played Lyndsy Fonseca) gave any depth of intrigue to her life before, or how she was going to react, but even that ended quickly, because they spelled it all out for the audience five minutes later.

This show is not worth watching more then the premiere.


  • As Michael (West) was/is in love with Nikita (Q) and he protected her when she was in the agency, he will now help the new girl Alex (Fonseca) because she seems like Nikita in a way
  • Michael will leave the agency to follow his heart and find Nikita 

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