VMA’s 2010

Last night the Video Music Awards ‘10 were held in Los Angeles which we had an interesting time watching last night. 
Chelsea Handler came on stage to begin her hosting duties. Throughout the show she graced us with her humour which fell flat. Predictable and lame, she went throughout the whole show making us more annoyed every time. Furthermore, neither of her skits were funny. The one with Lindsay Lohan showcased Lohan as a bad actress, and the other ones just were not humorous.
Ellen announced the award for Best Female Video which Lady Gaga won for Bad Romance. She got teary-eyed and although we do not like her (with a passion), the music is acceptable on the radio. The guys of Jackass 3D showed a short clip of their ‘high five’ stunt which was the only thing we laughed out loud to. As they showed it from a few different angles the joke deteriorated which only explains this show in general. Then they presented the Best Rock Video to 30 Seconds to Mars for Kings and Queens. Jared Leto’s acceptance speech was classier then many of the other speeches at shows like this. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj presented Eminem with the Best Male Video for Not Afraid. Some of the Glee cast presented Lady Gaga with her second award for Bad Romance in Best Pop Video where she hinted at her new album title in her second outfit of the night. Video of the Year went to Bad Romance for Lady Gaga where she cried and said her new album will be called Born This Way.

Eminem performed Not Afraid and then Love the Way You Lie with Rihanna. They were one of the best performances of the night due to the fact they were not lip syncing. Justin Bieber was the next performer with Baby and Somebody to Love. He missed the opening of Somebody to Love when he was looking for his four year old back up dancers, and when the other dancers threw him in the air his voice was still perfect which assumes lip syncing, without much surprise. At the end he tried playing drums and one of the sticks slipped out of his hands at the beginning. Usher performed Falling in Love Again and OMG with lame dance moves and what appeared to be more lip syncing. Taylor Swift performed her new song Innocence from her new album Speak Now out in October. They started this with a clip of Kanye interrupting her, and this song was obviously about Kanye West, although it was incredibly tame and she seemed so angry and upset while singing this that is made it almost more comical then anything else, and I wasn’t even listening to the lyrics. Taylor has a very mediocre voice live, she’s fun to listen to on the radio, but not much live. The lounge look Drake used in his performance was very catchy and made up for all of the lame acts of the night. I normally dislike Mary J. Blige but she was quite enjoyable even. Kanye closed the show with his song Runaway (lets have a toast for the douche bags). I have to say closing the show out with this wasn’t a big finale, but a good choice none the less. His voice isn’t perfect but I sort of like it better, at least we know he isn’t lip syncing, almost everyone did. I just cannot believe they were chanting his name after.
Even though they got the highest ratings since 2002 this years VMA’s was very weak. There was no big surprises, nothing exciting happened, the host wasn’t funny and none of the performances were mind blowing.

I’m Lauren, sending articles your way.

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