Gossip Girl -Premiere Review

*do not read this article before having watched the show if you do not want to read possible spoilers*

I rarely watch this show, only if I’m flipping through channels at the right time as it has never captivated my interest until now. Seeing the preview at the beginning of this episode reminded me how I love these shows. As with every episode of this show the acting is good but the drama is better. Blair and Serena are in Paris, finding cute boys and boots to match, trying desperately to forget about all of their problems back home. Blair meets a guy whom she thinks is royalty, she goes on the double date and discovers he’s only the chauffeur for Serena’s date the prince, too bad he fooled her. Meanwhile back in New York Nate is going through Chuck’s little large black book and meets Juliette who has him interested from the start. Also, Dan is dealing with his new son with Georgina, struggling with how to tell his father, when Vanessa finds out. Once it’s out in the open Rufus asks if it’s truly Dans… This show is the best of the teenage drama shows going on nowadays. I just cannot believe Dan is a father somehow.
What happens to Chuck you might ask? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

The first episode had all you expect from a show with gossip in the title, at the very least this show should be recorded and watched later.


*This show seriously has too much drama for speculation, and as it moves quite quickly and I barely ever watch it, I do not have enough authority to give an opinion on upcoming episode/seasonal arcs*

Lauren, sending articles your way.

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