The Town -Movie Review

This movie stars Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner as the bank robbers, Jon Hamm as the FBI agent trying to capture them, Blake Lively as Renner’s sister and Rebecca Hall as the woman Affleck falls in love with. Pete Postlethwaite also stars as Renner and Lively’s father who orders the heists. Ben Affleck also directed and co-wrote the screenplay.
From the trailers they didn’t say it was a movie directed by Ben Affleck, just as the director of Gone Baby Gone, because he didn’t have the respect to sell a movie on his own. He does now. The Town is brilliant in the spirit of The Departed. Moving between a shoot-em-up and a drama with moments of comedy added in this movie has ‘classic’ written all over it. All actors performances in this movie are fantastically spot on. This movie should become a big contender for the Oscars, including Renner’s and Hamm’s performances.

This is a gripping, totally engrossing thriller and I recommend everybody go see this movie.

Lauren, sending articles your way.

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