Salt -Movie Review

I saw Salt yesterday and I had a lot of fun watching it. Salt is about a female CIA officer, Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using her skills and experience to thwart her captors. As the movie continues, her efforts to prove her innocence only cast more doubt as to her motives, and who she truly is. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Was it realistic? No, but how many action movies are? Was it a good summer movie? Yes, most definitely, and that is really all that I expected when coming into the theatre.

The plot wasn’t all there: many holes which were easily overlooked by the audience, but could have been fixed, lots of action which kept everybody watching interested, and a good twist or two near the end which few expected. The length of the movie was good, leaving no dragged out, boring scenes. If you were looking for a semi-docu-drama action flick then watch Syriana, not this movie.

Angelina Jolie’s performance in this movie was quite good. She made you forget at times that she was the 110 pound woman throwing men around, and she was very kick-ass. Just like Ben Kinglsey wouldn’t have been in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time in a mundane, small role as the kings brother, you should have realized early on that Liev Schreiber would not have been in Salt unless there was an interesting twist away from the concerned boss. I would suggest that if you enjoy action movies then watch this one, but if you’re looking for something with depth, meaning, and a superb plot, watch something else.

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