Black Swan -Movie Review

Black Swan is the story of a woman trying to perfect the role of the Swan Queen in the classic ballet piece “Swan Lake”. Slowly she loses her mind as she fights between being the White and the Black Swan sisters.

Natalie Portman gave a stunning performance as Nina, the perfect and innocent White Swan desperately trying to become the perfect Black Swan Thomas Leroy (Cassel) wants. Her image of falling out of control while trying to keep herself balanced shows a wonderous young actor coming into her own. Mila Kunis’ portrail of Lily, the sensual Black Swan, captivates audiences with her wild but relaxed demeanor in a world of careful precision and obsessive control. Lastly, Vincent Cassel, as the artistic director who is interested in his leading ladies. The beauty of the ballet is shown within the first scene and the choreography is captivating the whole way through. Darren Aranofsky’s directing is very good and the storyline interested me throughout. I would give this movie four stars for art direction, acting, and directing.

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