The Fighter -Movie Review

The Fighter is the true story of boxer Micky Ward and his brother Dicky Eklund as Micky tries to go pro in the 1980s.

The Fighter is nominated for seven Acadamy Awards. Micky Ward is played by Mark Wahlberg who also produced the movie and Dicky Eklund is played by Christian Bale. Both Wahlberg and Bale did fantastic jobs in their respective roles. From the first moment the movie started and their sitting on the couch for an interview I was in tune with the characters. I knew nothing about these people so I had no clue what was going to happen to them, but I loved them. I supported them and hoped for the best. They radiated their emotions to an extent that you felt the same things. When Micky was hurt and his hand was broken you felt that pain; when Dicky was angry that he was no longer training Micky you felt that deep hurt. Bale is nominated for the Supporting Actor statue and he already won it at the Golden Globes where he said something very true.

… You can only give a loud performance, like the one I gave, when you have a quiet anchor, a stoic character. I’ve played that one many times and it  never gets any notice …

This is incredibly true because although Wahlberg’s performance was fantastic and it showcased beautiful acting, it was a quite character which is very rarely nominated for awards of this kind. Of the women in this movie two stand out: Amy Adams (Charlene Fleming, Mark’s girlfriend) and Melissa Leo (Alice Ward, the mother) who are both nominated for Supporting Actress awards. Both of these women were powerful, strong characters who held up the men when they needed it the most.

When I saw this movie I enjoyed it so much. Normally I don’t like boxing flicks because of the fighting but in this movie I got so attached to the characters and into the movie that I thoroughly enjoyed the fight scenes even. They way they cut between fights, to training, to the HBO special being filmed, and their lives was really great. It happened with great ease and everything flowed so well.

This movie was written so perfectly for these actors and it did great justice to this family to have their story portrayed so well by the cast and crew. Because I enjoyed this movie so well I give it a 3 1/2 out of 4 and hope it does very well in the Oscars.

Lauren, sending reviews your way.