Lord Tweedsmuir students walk out in protest for new Surrey schools.

Changes have been announced for next year at Lord Tweedsmuir and Earl Marriot to cope with the lack of funding and schools in the Surrey school district.

Next fall there will be extended operating hours to help deal with the overcrowded population in these schools. This will affect all extra-curricular activities, cancelling many, and limiting the ones they do continue.

Several hundred students at Lord Tweedsmuir walked out after the second bell of 8:05am on Friday morning to protest the need for more schools. Over 1000 new students will be coming into the Surrey School District next year with more throughout the year. This will pack schools to a new level of ‘over capacity’.

The last capital funded school was back in 2005, and Adams Road Elementary only opened this January. The Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Kevin Falcon agreed more capital dollars need to come into the area. This came after a group of around 60 Lord Tweedsmuir students walked down to his offices to demand more provincial funding.

Falcon has agreed to a second meeting with the students as per a request made by student Jordan Malcolm and he promises to “take that message back [to Victoria].”

Lord Tweedsmuir’s Principal Allan Buggie sent a letter home on March 3rd saying so far, no decision has been made to change the bell schedule and make the timetable more flexible. Buggie also stated that if parents, guardians or students wanted to express their concerns they should send their letters to Falcon and the School District, including his email address in the letter.

Lauren, keeping you posted.