Bizarro Italian Cafe -Restaurant Review

I went to Bizarro’s for dinner with my family one night and it was fantastic. It was a very eclectic looking place but the food was so incredible.

We shared all but one appetizer on the menu. The gorgonzola on the Bruschetta was great, even though I don’t like blue cheese. My father thoroughly enjoyed the Anti-Pasta plate while my favourites were the Drunken Clams (spicy and so fresh) and the Arancini (fried to perfection and the tomato sauces in all dishes were gorgeous). When our salads came they were crisp, fresh, and I enjoyed the dried cranberries they included.

Never having elk before I had been worried to try the Elk Bolognese but it was very good and a unique dish. I had the Lasagna which is a classic, and it was perfect for what I had been wanting -satisfying comfort food. The lamb which my father had looked delectable and he said it was one of the best he has had since coming to Canada. The braised greens also were quite good with each meal.

Next we shared an Artisan Cheese plate from the dessert menu which had some interesting cheeses, and then we moved on to our desserts. We all shared the Chocolate Vesuvius, Bananas Foster, and Tiramisu.

Incredibly light, the tiramisu was a wonderful accompaniment to the large entrees we just ate. Very sweet but also very tasty, the Bananas Foster was my favourite of the desserts even though normally the chocolate pulls me in. This had a slightly different take on bananas then I usually see and it captured my taste buds. Lastly, the Chocolate Vesuvius was also delicious. It was quite rich with all of the chocolate infused into it but the warm expresso gave it a wonderful life that I can still remember.

I can’t speak more highly of this restaurant. Everything about it was lovely, everywhere you turn there is something to look at, whether it be the clown doll or the things hanging from the ceiling. It was entertaining, and a great atmosphere for conversation. The service was friendly, yet not overwhelming and it was a great experience. I hope I have a chance to go back soon.

Lauren, sending reviews your way.