Survivor -TV Show Review

On Wednesday the first episode of the twenty-third season of Survivor was aired.

Right off the bat Coach and Ozzy from past seasons are back. Coach is always awesome as the crazy Dragon Slayer and Ozzy is the hot boy who is athletic with pretty awesome hair. This season Coach says he will keep his opinions to himself and Ozzy says he has grown up and will strategize more. Coach has so far stuck relatively close to his word while Ozzy decided he wanted to keep the hottie Semhar safe instead of kicking her off which is a better plan.

As a depressing fact there are no classifiably hot guys in this season other than Ozzy and maybe Keith, but we will have to make do with the attractive female competitors who were Mikayla the lingerie football player (I’m not kidding), Whitney (relatively unnoticed so far), Semhar, Elyse, and Edna. We shall see how it pans out for which stay and which go.

The Redemption Island thing is still going which I like and dislike. It would be interesting to see an incredible comeback from someone winning ten challenges there in a row. That’s the great thing about Ozzy. Even if you vote him out you know you’ll be seeing him once everyone merges because he’ll be sitting contently in RI planning.

As the show continued a new person was presented to us. The intense fanboy Harvard law student, Cochran. He is scrawny, not athletic, and apparently useless in challenges. But he does make a good case for himself as to why he should stay, keeping himself in the game.

Jim, the pot seller, seems great. Apparently he used to do poker tournaments? I don’t understand how he doesn’t keep the emotions showing on his face in check then…

Papa Bear seems to be incredible. For starters he used to be in the NYPD, secondly he’s a fantastic gay character for the show.

In the end, after Savaii won the first challenge with Ozzy defeating Coach and Upolu winning the immunity challenge Semhar was voted out instead of Cochran with everyone voting for her.

The last exciting thing needing to be mentioned about this show was when Jeff showed us the third shirt he owns, but it was immediately ruined by Ozzy smearing paint on it. WAY TO GO.

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p.s: I’ll be doing a recap of Survivor every week by Friday night. Tune in!