Ringer -TV Show Review

Ringer is a new TV show which premiered on Tuesday on the CW network. The main feature of the show is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. SMG plays estranged twins Siobhan and Bridget who suddenly having a coming together right before Siobhan disappears. With no one knowing that Siobhan has gone Bridget takes up her sisters identity, thinking it is the perfect life. But what she doesn’t know is Siobhan had many secrets, and now Bridget must spin a web of lies to stay on top.

This show tried to explain so much in a very short amount of time, and it came across as very choppy, without enough emotion, and lacking something. Ideally they would have made the pilot episode two hours long, with the first hour showing her old life, and then reconnecting with her sister until Siobhan disappears at the end of the first hour. Then when the second hour begins you see all the beginning of the drama play out for her living in her sisters world.

One of my problems is definitely SMG’s looks. As Bridget she has her hair down, she looks cute, she reminds me of the SMG from Buffy or Scooby-Doo, or whatever else she has been in. Basically she looks nice. But as Siobhan they have her pull her hair back severely, and although she does still look attractive it is not the same person. I wanted an awesome back to SMG show, and this is not exactly what I am getting.

My first main problem with the show came when she jumped into the water. It was fake water. Obviously CGIed water, I was very dissappointed. And later in the show she turned to look around and you could tell from the way everything looked in the back, she was in front of a green screen. Now I know lots of shows use green screens and CGI, but most shows don’t make it an obvious, comical piece of the show, to spot the times they use it. Get better editors perhaps?

Then she calls her boyfriend or whatever from her old life and tells him that she has done something terrible, that her sister has disappeared and she didn’t know what else to do, so she took up Siobhan’s life. Not only do they get her to say the preview clip in the show, but they use a montage of her walking into the building and fake crying over her sisters disappearance to emphasize what we already knew and shove it in our faces.

But then there is a fluke good piece of the show. The attractive male known as Ioan Gruffudd walks in, and she gives him a kiss, and OMG, that’s Siobhan’s husband. You lucky girl you! But, shock horror gasp, Siobhan had rules. Rules where they are cold to each other, where they don’t love each other, where they are only civil, and not a couple. Bridget is shocked. How could her sister be so … cold? But of course, it was already mentioned that nobody in Siobhan’s new life knew of Bridget, so I don’t see the shock from that.

Then we discover that Siobhan was having an affair with her best friend Gemma’s husband, Henry. Now isn’t that a shocking tidbit of information? Bridget is horrified of all these things that her sister was doing, and doesn’t know what to do about any of it. But she wants to try and fix it. And probably just take over in the wonderful life that Siobhan had created, minus all the problems. Next we learn Siobhan was pregnant! And as we all know she was having a lot more sex with Henry then she was with Andrew, her husband, there is a very good chance the baby is not his… But then again, Siobhan was pregnant, not Bridget, so when Andrew hears of this news and then sees no baby bump ever, what is going to happen?

With the final scene of the episode Siobhan/Bridget is called out to meet with Gemma, where there is actually someone set to kill S/B. The masked man starts attacking S/B who immediately assumes the person is trying to kill Bridget so she says she isn’t Bridget. She is kicking and screaming and doing a fantastic job of fighting off her attacker when she ends up shooting him dead. But then she realizes she does not know this attacker. And notices a picture of her, but with the name Siobhan written under it. Was someone trying to kill Siobhan too?

With so much drama being packed into one episode they definitely could have used a longer show, as with so many of these things continuing into every episode it’s going to get exhausting very soon. Although I’m going to make predictions and possibly read a recap after every episode I won’t be continuing with watching it unless I have nothing else to do one night.

So that leads me straight into my Predictions:

  1. She will fall in love with Siobhan’s husband Andrew.
  2. She will stop the affair with Henry
  3. Gemma will find out about the affair
  4. People will be out to get Bridget and Siobhan, and she will be killed (or attempted for a second time)
  5. The boyfriend from Bridget’s past will find S/B
  6. The FBI Detective trying to find Bridget will uncover stuff about Siobhan/Bridget
  7. She will start drinking again
  8. She will try to fix her sisters wrongs
  9. Siobhan really just went into hiding because she knew people were after her and she knew that Bridget wanted to get out of Bridget’s life, so she disappeared so that Bridget could take over her life and gain the seemingly perfect but riddled with problems life that Siobhan led. (could that sound more complicated?)

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p.s: What are your predictions for the show?