Random Netflix Movie Night #1

Last night’s movie was Trail of the Screaming Forehead. Made in 2007 it is a parody of 1950’s no-budget horror films. It features alien foreheads that attack the brows of humans. They end up taking control of the persons thoughts and actions. And then there are the scientists who have created a compound called “foreheadazine” which makes one man smarter, but with a certain problematic side effect.

The script was made by a writer taking notes of 50s horror films and making the characters say the notes he had written. There were some reasonably funny lines but nothing was spectacular (as I had expected really), but I had hoped for more laughs because the foreheads looked ridiculous and the opening credits with the song were just so incredibly bad.

None of the acting was bad, but it was all cheesy as hoped and the special effects were inexistent. Nick was probably my favourite character out of all the men, and the scientist woman or Nick’s sidekick girl were probably my two favourites. The two ‘seadogs’ were also relatively fun.

What surprised me was this movie was actually in HD, so the quality was good. By being categorized as a goofy horror film I had sadly expected more. Although not really, because the title picture looked so lame. I don’t know, I’m not sure if I really had any expectations…

Well this has been the best review I have possibly ever made,


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