The Playboy Club -TV Show Review

The Playboy Club is a new show for this fall season featuring the Bunnies and the patrons of the original Playboy Club in 1960’s Chicago.

This show starts out with Maureen, the cigarette bunny lusting after the performing spot which Carol-Lynne has. Then this random old guy asks her for a dance which she agrees to. He tries to grab her ass and she turns to another guy to begin dancing with him and we see the old guy with a really sour look on his face. What’s going to happen there I wonder?

Then she is pulled away from dancing because the boss says she can’t have fun. Or something basically the same as that, and stupid nonetheless, don’t guys want to see Bunnies dancing and shaking their ass? But then Eddie Cibrian or Nick sees her and she starts flirting, and goes to get more cigarettes. But when she goes back to the employee room the old guy confronts her, and starts attacking her.

Oh and what’s this? Nick comes to her rescue, a fight ensues, and she stabs the old guy with herĀ stilettosĀ (I always knew they were powerful). So far what I find impressive is that Amber Heard is holding her own, looking incredibly hot and doing a fine job in this role. Of course Cibrian is being a player, but that’s what he is in normal life too, so there isn’t much of a difference.

Now Nick and Maureen must leave the club and dispose of the body because this old man turns out to be the mob boss. So that’s cool. What a surprise right? Gangsters in Chicago in the 60s?!? Nick is dating Carol-Lynne, the “first Bunny” when he takes Maureen home with him so she can get cleaned up and then he can convince her to leave (which he fails at doing) when Carol-Lynne walks in and FINDS MAUREEN AT NICK’S PLACE! OMG, how shocking was that?

Upon Maureen arriving back home at the Playboy Mansion everyone knows she was with Nick Dalton and then it’s the next day. More things happen, Carol-Lynne gets fired and then rehired by Hefner himself (although you never see him) and she creates a new more impressive Bunny design. She makes the bunny costumes slightly sluttier (and it actually looks worse, I’m not a fan of the high leg) and she disallows all the girls to wear rings on their fingers, so they can get more tips. But the one problem is that Bunnies are no longer allowed to date keyholders.

Then there is this extra thing about the mob boss and Nick… Apparently Nick used to work for them, throwing cases (because he’s a lawyer) and doing other interesting stuff. Now why this is interesting is because suddenly Cibrian is becoming more fun to watch and the show keeps adding more and more drama.


  1. Maureen is going to fall in love with Nick
  2. The crime family is going to find out who killed their leader and go after Nick and Maureen
  3. Nick is going to parade Maureen around as his girlfriend to the world while he runs for state attorney
  4. Carol-Lynne is going to make Maureen’s life hell
  5. Carol-Lynne is going to be jealous of Maureen and Nick even though they will have problems of their own
  6. Alice will get caught with what they are up to
  7. Alice’s husband will be killed for being gay
  8. The waiter is going to break up with Janie because he doesn’t want her to stay at the club
  9. Brenda will be the first black centerfold

Did you watch the show? What did you think of it? What are your predictions of the show?

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