Castle -TV Show Review

In the fourth season of Castle it starts off with Detective Beckett being rushed to hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Thankfully we see her survive through the surgery but she tells Castle not to contact her, because she needs some time, and she’ll call him when she’s ready. She doesn’t call. Now it’s fall and she’s coming back to work and Castle has been kicked out because there is a new captain in the homicide department.

Beckett tries to reinstate a friendship with Castle, but when they start talking again she immediately goes back to trying to find her shooter, and getting into deeper trouble worrying Castle. He wonders if she knew that he told her he loved her when she was dying and she says she doesn’t remember. His face was the most upsetting thing of my life. It was so heartfelt. They need to start dating.

The big twist came at the end of the episode when she goes to her cop therapist and says she remembers everything. So we know that she lied and does remember Castle’s proclamation of love. WHY AREN’T YOU DATING THEN?!?

Throughout all of this episode there is a case they are trying to solve which was a lot of fun to watch also, with some good one liners and some interest, but mostly the drama between Castle and Beckett was the best. Next episode hopefully they will be back to their lovely selves where they are joking and Castle is making ridiculous (but sometimes accurate) predictions about the killers. Oh how I missed this show during the off season.


  1. Castle will find out that Becket knows he said he loved her
  2. Castle and Becket will finally start dating
  3. People will get shot at
  4. People will get arrested
  5. They will solve crimes (seeing as they are homicide detectives)
  6. There will be witty banter and sexual tension between Becket and Castle
  7. Their new captain will find out they are still searching for Becket’s shooter so she will help them if they have new evidence
  8. Becket will be torn up about trying to find her shooter and doing what Castle says because she knows he is right
  9. Her psychiatrist is involved in the killing of her mother and her shooting.
  10. Castle’s mother and his daughter will be worried about him
  11. Castle will deal with more dating drama from his mother and his daughter

Did you watch the show? What did you think of it? What are your predictions for the show?

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