Hawaii Five O -TV Show Review

Hawaii 5-0 started their second season on Monday. This show is about a task force of four who go after criminals in Hawaii and the team breaks the rules normal police have to follow.

They start with a recap from last season which is brilliantly helpful because I haven’t watched most episodes from last season, only the first half really (I need to keep up with it this year… while I’m in uni… Yeah that’ll happen)

Immediately we are caught up with what was going on at the end of last season. Apparently the Five O has disbanded because McGarrett has been arrested (oh no) but his opening scene for the season is doing pushups in prison. He always gets a relatively good opening. Then we see him going for his daily exercise but he ends up getting stabbed instead. As he is in an ambulance heading to the hospital he attacks the EMTs and jumps out of the moving vehicle into traffic and starts running away and jumping over shit. Throughout the entire episode he is trying to hide from the cops and trying to find evidence to prove he did not murder the governor.

The amazing thing of this show was there was still at least five times when Danno and McGarrett had their lovely banter, and everyone was chummy and good. I don’t really know what to say about this episode in terms of plot apart from right at the end when McGarrett discovers that his father made a deal with the shady governor and Wo Fat. And the only person he can talk to to find out what may have happened… Was just murdered by Wo Fat too.


  1. They create a new Five O with rules set down by the new leitenant governor
  2. 5-0 goes after more criminals and tracks them down
  3. Danno and McGarrett have more witty banter
  4. Danno tries to work things out with his ex wife/convince her to stay with him instead of Stan
  5. McGarrett kicks more ass
  6. McGarrett finds that the guy who killed his father is dead by the hands of Wo Fat
  7. They search for Wo Fat and find him
  8. Lt. Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) makes a lot of guest appearances as they try to find out what McGarrett’s father was doing making dealings with the old, dead Governor and Wo Fat.

What do you think will happen next on the show? Any predictions?