Survivor -TV Show Review 2302

Sorry for posting this so late! Tonight is the next episode so I knew I had to get this one out pretty quickly.

What can I say about this episode…

You begin with a clip of a Semhar being bitchy and saying poetry. Please just get off my screen. This is the problem with Redemption Island… When someone you dislike leaves they keep showing the person so you want to tear your hair out. I know it really wasn’t that bad, but she complained so much I need to complain. 

Cochran starts talking about how he wants to help again, and it makes him sound a little too winy but he’s fantastic. So hopefully he does do well… Immediately once the Dragon Slayer starts talking he becomes awesome which is exciting. Talking about the immunity idol and making more alliances. Smart man. So now Cochran is trying to open more coconuts which always worries me because it looks very dangerous with Cochran, if he cuts off his hand or something.

And then Hantz decides immediately to tell Coach that he is Russel’s nephew. Because that’s always a good idea, isn’t it? I’m just waiting for that to come out at some point when Coach gets frustrated with Hantz. But oh well, his mistake. Then Hantz starts complaining about Mikayla and how she’s strutting her stuff when really she isn’t. He just needs to admit that he has an itty bitty crush on her.

Then Cochran starts sucking and being really shitty at the challenge but they pull through with the smarts of Ozzy, Hantz, and two other guys. *yay* Then during tribal council Coach lays everything on the table, throwing Christine under the bus twice. Then, Hantz says who he wants to vote out while Coach and Jeff are just sitting there dumbfounded at Hantz’s stupidity for saying that. In the end Christine is voted off and sent to Redemption Island where we will see the battle between poor, abused Semhar and long island Christine

What did you think of last weeks episode of Survivor?

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