Survivor -TV Show Review 2303

I decided to type up the review during the episode so it’ll be out a lot faster and I won’t be rushing to get it done before next weeks episode… So here goes.

Immediately we start with the duel between Semhar and Christine. I would have failed this right away, but I was actually really surprised about it ending so quickly. It seemed quick anyway.

But then oh my God, Hantz is annoying. He has already told everyone that he is Russel Hantz’s nephew and everyone was relatively okay with it. I’m just tired of him already and I want him to be voted out already!

Who doesn’t want a crying scene? Just because one asshole doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that you need to sit on the beach and cry. Come on girl, I thought you were better than that.

Now onto the challenge… This is the first time that Whitney has been mentioned on the show and that’s pretty exciting. But even so Upolu won which is sad, because I support Savaii but they weren’t incredibly far ahead, Savaii was still in the same section. Cochran wasn’t as bad this time as last but he still didn’t have too much influence on getting Savaii into the top place, although it definitely couldn’t be said that it was all his fault.

Once they were back in camp the race was on to figure out who to vote out, and who should be suggested but Cochran and Papa Bear? Of course. This tribal council was no way as good as last weeks, which is disappointing, but in the end Papa Bear was voted out.

So ta da, that’s this episode. It really wasn’t too interesting of an episode which sucks.. Hopefully next week will be better!

What do you think of this episode?