Random Netflix Movie Night #2

By choosing this movie you’ll see the story of two teenage boys at a Florida resort for the weekend getting caught up in a diamond heist, sun, fun and chasing girls. Made in 1985 this movie brings one of Johnny Depp’s first roles, and let’s just say it’s a good thing this isn’t all he’s known for.

As to be expected this movie is not a class A in any respect, but it isn’t supposed to be either. On Netflix this is classified as a late-night comedy put under the goofy and raunchy categories, which definitely fits the bill. This plot line is one which can easily be forgotten in the long list of movies that has gone for the same general idea: a bunch of attractive girls in barely any clothing and two guys who lust after all of them. With a “crafty criminal” known as the Maestro thrown in for good measure this movie has it all. With all the racy high jinks one cheesy ’80s film can handle this movie adds one slapstick joke after another.

One awful bit of the movie is in the incredibly awful lines of the movie; I wouldn’t be surprised if almost half were ad-libbed. But either way, if you choose this you wouldn’t be looking for class acting or writing. Although none of the acting is too incredibly horrible none of it really shines out and it’s a good thing that Depp was given more chances after this and was able to refine his talent. As the whole reason I chose this was because of Johnny Depp I don’t feel like I really have too much else to say about this movie.

Except maybe the outfits. Ah, the style in the ’80s was wonderful, wasn’t it? With everyone, male and female, wearing incredibly short shorts and the bathing suits high on this hips, it’s a wonder people still deem some of this as attractive.

Although you can’t really say that Depp looks too bad, it’s just not of the style anymore (thank God).

And as one added bonus for all the Depp lovers out there (me included), this film makes sure to get Johnny D stripping down partway through the movie:

If you have some time on your hands and are looking for a very mindless comedy then have a go at this one,

Lauren xoxo;

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