Random Netflix Movie Night #3

Tonights movie was Assassination of a High School President starring Reece Thompson, Misha Barton and Bruce Willis amongst others. This 2008 film is about an American high school’s sophomore newspaper reporter investigating the theft of all the schools SAT exams while uncovering a larger conspiracy.

This movie is a dark, quirky high school mystery. And it pulls it off. It starts off really casual and the SATs are found in the first third of the movie. You think you may know exactly where the movie is heading – to the planned assassination of the high school’s student body president perhaps – but you’re wrong. The only gun in this movie is a paintball gun, and it veers off into many different leads and even more twists and turns. With step brother and sister getting it on in the bathtub, to drug trafficking, to a homecoming dance. Maybe nobody is what they appear to be, but at least you know that the main character Funke will be searching for the truth.

Nothing bad can be said about the acting, not because it’s mediocre but because it just seems to flow naturally. The dialogue for each character is what you’d expect, not only for a movie centred around high school, but for actual high school conversations. Reece Thompson who plays Funke is genuine and friendly, and I really felt for his character. Misha Barton as the most attractive girl in school, Francesca, doesn’t need any help in pulling off her role. And last but not least, the unbalanced Principal Kirkpatrick, Bruce Willis. Just make sure you don’t chew gum while you’re anywhere near him. Willis was definitely my favourite because of the rarity of his scenes compared with other peoples, and how every time he did rear his head he managed to spout off at least one funny line.

All in all I would give this movie a 3.5/5 and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun indie movie for the night.
xox, Lauren 

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