Random Netflix Movie Night #4

The Tournament

Rotten Tomatoes: The world’s best assassins converge upon the streets of a small Scottish town to compete in a deadly tournament in which the last killer standing gets a million-dollar prize while wealthy thrill seekers watch a live video stream and gamble on the outcome.

RT Audience Rating: 41%

Nothing about this movie can be said to be fantastic. It isn’t that it’s bad per say, it just isn’t fantastic. Even for the kind of grisly, gory action movie that it is, it could be a lot better. The plot leaves much to be desired and was obvious from the beginning. All of the twists which were created had been guessed early on but I must say, some of the deaths were reasonably creative. As can be expected in this kind of movie, none of the acting was superb, but it was all passable.

I give this movie a 5 because although it wasn’t awful it wasn’t good either. It wasn’t as enjoyable as some other movies with the same idea. I probably would not recommend this movie to people, unless you’re wanting to watch an Asian woman (Kelly Hu) kick some guys’ asses throughout, but even the stunting wasn’t that exciting.

Rating: 5/10*

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