My Thoughts on the Golden Globes

I can’t really describe the dresses, I didn’t like too much of them. If I see one during the show I’ll mention it here then.

Johnny Depp is such a fucking bamf. I can’t handle his awesomeness. Ricky Gervais talking to him was pretty lovely. His voice. His outfit. His everything. Hnnnng. Hugo looks good too.

Christopher Plummer is so wonderful, his reference to Ewan McGregor was beautiful.

**Jullianne Moore’s dress is wonderful** The failure of the teleprompter. good job!

Miss. Golden Globe is so pretty!!!

Cinema Verite, The Hour, Mildred Pierce, and Too Big Too Fail look good. Downton Abbey is always so wonderful. Yay Downton Abbey for winning!


**Frieda Pinto’s dress is so wonderful in it’s simplicity** why do they keep showing clips of Leo DiCaprio though? Midnight in Paris was such a fun little movie.

Jeremy Irons you’re beauitful.

Jake Gyllenhaal. Enough said. (but My Week With Marilyn wasn’t supposed to be that good).

I feel like Ricky Gervais is taking a dig out of Kate’s thank you speech right now. You’re wonderful. Salma Hayek looks so distraught by what he just said.

**Melissa McCarthy’s dress is so single & nice.**

I don’t like Kelsey Grammer though. American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones look fantastic and NONE of them won. What is this travesty.

Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon are so fucking amazing. I don’t know how to handle this. Jimmy is dancing and being crazy and Adam is trying to be all casual… And then there’s George just sitting their ..watching them. But seeing as The Artist is a silent film the score should be freaking amazing. So I’m pretty happy they just won.

I’m sorry I’m French. I love French people. It’s a French movie. Dude Clive Owen’s here? You’re hot. Also, you’re showing Leo so much. Camera guys, you rule! oooh. Good job Madonna :) WHY ARE YOU GIVING MADONNA SO MUCH TIME TO SPEAK THOUGH? SHE’S BEEN SLOW AND BORING.

**Deborah Messing’s dress is plain and nice.**

Brad Pitt what are you doing. Cut your hair. You’re really hot and you and your boy George had the cutest little thing there. Ides of March looks gooood.

**Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress is spectacular** yay game of thrones won something! Peter Dinklage is adorable!

George Clooney you adorable beast. I’m so glad you’re joking with Brad Pitt and showcasing each others movies. Moneyball yayyy.

**Jessica Alba looks gorgeous** Success for The Adventures of Tintin!

Ewan McGregor you’re so beautiful. I’m so happy you’re introducing 50/50.

**What is Nicole Kidman wearing?** Midnight in Paris was wonderful though.

Madonna you are so wonderful. Gervais and Madonna are beautiful together. As well as Elton John. Yay for the Iranian movie winning!

**Claire Danes is wonderful. Your dress is interesting**

Emily Blunt you’re beautiful. Yellow is your colour. Can I have your accent please?

**Tina Fey you’re so amazing, 30 Rock is so fantastic.** I really hoped that Johnny Galecki would win!

Bradley Cooper you’re beautiful. Please support me? Yay for the Help! Octavia Spencer WOOHOO! She’s so adorable.

**Reese Witherspoon”s dress is so red… and balfdjkafjefj I’m not sure how I feel about this**

SIDNEY POITER YOU’RE A FUCKING BAMF. YOU JUST GOT A STANDING OVATION FOR WALKING ON STAGE. YOU DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING. YOU’RE MY FAVOURITE PERSON EVER. ALL THE AWARDS. Morgan Freeman is a bamf too though. And I’m so excited that you’re getting the Cecile B. Demile award this year. Helen Mirren is so amazing. Why has she not been in more movies with Morgan Freeman? I COULD HAVE BEEN A PENGUIN OH.MY.GOD. I’M DEAD.

Robert Downey Jr. you look so lovely. The Artist looks so good!

**Angelina Jolie has a really interesting dress, and I definitely think I like it** HOLY FUCK YES MARTIN SCORSESE YOU ARE MY BIGGEST FRIEND. LEO DICAPRIO LOOKS SO INCREDIBLY PLEASED. I’m excited he won for Hugo.

Ricky Gervais brings booze on stage every time with him.

Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas. What even. My love for life. Antonio please keep speaking to me. RICKY WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? WHY DID THEY BLEEP IT OUT? I WANT TO KNOW :( Antonio speaking lots of Spanish. TAKE ME NOW.

**Mark Wahlberg looks so beautiful! But wtf is Jessica Biel wearing?** JGL SHOULD WIN BEST ACTOR. But I support Jean Dujardin too. He has such beautiful eyebrows.

I actively refuse Queen Latifah.

Colin Firth just jokingly kicked Ricky Gervais. You’re wonderful. I love how Colin is so dignified but totally not all at the same time. I’m so happy that Meryl Streep just won <3

I’m happy for the Artist winning! WHY IS THERE A DOG! AAAAH. So cute.

Every actor is so deserving for Best Actor. But I’ll accept George Clooney. Did he seriously make mention of Michael Fassbender’s nudity in his thankyou speech?

HARRISON FORD IS SUCH A BADASS. I’m happy that the Descendent’s won though. I guess.

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