Survivor -TV Show Review 2401

This is going to be so interesting, seeing as it’s girls versus guys and they’re all in the same place for their camps. Shit’s gonna go down. Plus drama.

I love the guy who stole the axe. Michael is beautiful. Oh the gay guy, Country Club Colton. And Tarzan. And Troyzan. I support the girl who can catch the two chickens. I am so confused by what Matt (hot attorney) is saying about an apology. The little dude, Leif, is fantastic. Oh god, there’s a girl who doesn’t know what the word ambience means.

I’m so happy that those girls figured out that once the guys fell asleep they could take the fire. But are they dumb or what? They can’t even keep the fire they stole.

First challenge: That looks like a painful fall. Men with a two person lead. Courtney with a possible broken wrist. Jeff is stopping the challenge to get medical to fix it. Ooooh the men could win the challenge right now. I’m so happy that they took the immunity instead of continuing instead.

Tribal council: Holy fuck I cannot handle the bitching of the girls tribal council. So Courtney has left because her wrist is broken in a few different places and she needs surgery so no other people are leaving for tonight.

**I don’t really know how I feel about this episode, I can’t handle the bitching of the girls, Colton is ridiculous, and there are some attractive guys. The challenges seem a bit ridiculous though.

What did you think of the first episode?