The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 1 Review

With the past few seasons of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette being connected, I thought it would be a good start to detail how Emily Maynard got her start as the bachelorette for this season.

During season 11 (2007) of the Bachelor Brad Womack rejected all of the 25 women presented to him. In 2011 Brad Womack returned for his second season on the Bachelor, initially angering many women. This is where Emily Maynard began her journey on this series. Emily won Brad’s second season, but their relationship quickly deteriorated between his choosing her and the “After the Final Rose” reunion episode. During Ashley Hebert’s season (a castoff from Brad’s second season) it was revealed that Emily would be the next bachelorette, meeting 25 men and having her pick, just as Brad did twice.


Watching the beginning segment where she introduces herself makes you want to care for her and like her… But I’ve heard her drama about the child for an entire season of the Bachelor so I don’t know if I can handle it again.

Introducing a few of the guys with their big intro:

Kalon: he seems sweet, attractive, adorable, fashionable.

Ryan: working with kids – seems like Emily might like him. He has a gorgeous dog too!

Tony: he works out, he’s kind of attractive. He has a five year old son – so adorable! Could it be too much for Emily though? Possibly funny.

Lerone: he’s got a ridiculous small dog. Finds her attractive because she’s a mum? Nothing called out to me about him though.

David: NYC musician? So I guess he’ll be singing to Emily then… like Wes from a few seasons ago? Just trying 

Charlie: ooh, dramatic story time, that’ll get him some sympathy from Emily.

Jef: with only one f? a skateboarder? you like being underestimated? He needs to grow up. Woahwoahwoah, you’re a CEO? oh hey there.

Arie: race car driver? Flashback to Emily’s first love.

Emily meeting the men:

Sean: not much of an impression…

David: musician from earlier, very casual

Doug: “i’m a hugger, is that okay?” you’re cute. 11yo child. Such a cute conversation.

Jackson: getting down on one knee and saying this is a moment that takes peoples breaths away.

Joe: he’s way too bubbly and excited.

Arie: not much to say

Kyle: kind of cute, good job wearing a tie of her favourite colour

Chris: mentions asking his dad for advice, how sweet. she thinks so too

Aaron: kisses her hand, so adorable. “i’m a high school biology teacher, but I’m hear to have chemistry with you” and the cute glasses and… Gah i like him

Alessandro: lots of cheek kisses, i don’t know about him

Jef: form earlier, he just skateboarded behind the limo. I can’t handle his hair, but he’s young and kind of cute

Lerone: from earlier. mentions her being a mum is one of her most attractive qualities

Stevie: he’s a party mc. brings in a boom box. starts dancing. from New Jersey. I can’t handle him, he’s so ridiculous.

Charlie: he’s so cute, thinks they can get through the evening together.

Tony: “the name is charming, prince charming” with a glass show on a pillow. asks for her to try it on. would be so funny if it didn’t, but of course it did.

Randy: guy pretending to be an old grannie. I don’t like him though.

Nate: he’s cute. apparently he smells really good. that’s an odd thing for someone to say, but she also thinks he’s “so cute”

Brent: he’s an older guy (41). puts on a name tag so once she knows him he’ll take it off. that’s adorable

John “Wolf”: he’s not that attractive.

Travis: is this guy holding an egg? “this egg is a symbol of two beautiful people – you and ricky – and throughout this journey i’m going to protect this egg like I would you and ricky” all the guys don’t like him

Michael: oh god, his hair. stop it. just leave. STOP NOW. giving her a guitar pic. 

Jean-Paul: doesn’t know that much about her and wants to get to know her in person

Alejandro: mushroom farmer? Alright then. Born in Columbia, very nice. Speaking Spanish to her. He’s fucking hot when speaking Spanish.

Ryan: from earlier. took notes saying “you are beautiful” and “i’m so nervous”

—suddenly a helicopter comes down—

all the guys are pissed that someone might be coming out of the helicopter

Kalon: he’s so flashy. coming in on a helicopter. everyone is going to absolutely hate him. this is fantastic. he’s so flashy. from earlier.

Cocktail Party:

All the guys are pulling her in different directions, she’s loving it. Chris pulls out a bobble head doll of himself and Emily. That’s so adorable. He’s talking through his bobble head doll. Everyone is laughing at Travis’ goofy/quirky egg prop. Jef is incredibly adorable, pulling out some champagne and she likes his “cool vibe” She really likes Jef, and so do I. He seems to be really cute and adorable. Doug’s 11yo son wrote her a note, that’s so adorable. It was such a sweet moment.

Everyone is discussing how much they don’t like Kalon the “helicopter guy”. Stevie just completely hates “helicopter guy” and an argument is beginning between Stevie and Kalon. Now Arie needs to discuss his profession with Emily so she can figure out whether she accepts it or not. And apparently she can. I definitely thought she wasn’t going to. Kalon the helicopter boy isn’t getting the first impression rose. Doug with his son’s letter is getting it. Which is so incredibly sweet and adorable. Some of the guys are happy he got it, but not all of them.

People Staying:

*in order of getting roses*

1. Doug – first impression rose

2. Chris

3. Ryan

4. Kalon (helicopter guy)

5. Arie

6. Charlie

7. Jef

8. Nate

9. Sean

10. Joe

11. Kyle

12. Aaron

13. Alejandro

14. John

15. Alessandro

16. Michael

17. Stevie

18. Tony

19. Travis

My Picks:

Doug-his son’s letter was incredibly adorable and he seems really sweet

Charlie-he seems sweet

Jef-he was so cute during their one-on-one time.

Travis-the egg thing is so cute


-mentioning her lost fiancé: 2

-mentioning her child: 7

So with that fun episode behind us… what did you think of the episode?