The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 2 Review


I think it’s great that they are filming in North Carolina so she can stay close to her daughter, but I don’t expect them to stay for long. I don’t know if I really want to see tons of clips with her children, the point of this show is supposed to be about her and the ridiculous guys. They’re in such a beautiful place.

Date One:

The one-on-one is with Ryan. Be my King in the Queen city. Kalon is all jealous.

They are both so smiley and cute. Instead of a glamorous date they begin with him bringing in the groceries, which he does without complaint, and then they bake. They’re at her house and it’s really cute. It shows that he’s comfortable around that life. “He totally passed the cookie test.” SO CUTE. She then explains that she’s not ready for him to meet Ricky, and he totally accepts that and then they go off on their cute date.

Ooh, giving him the nice car to drive them to dinner. Gee, she brought the difficult questions. But so did he apparently. Worrying about someone that is TOO perfect, she can’t let that get in the way immediately. It was so adorable during his proclamation of like. Awe, what a cute little concert she set up for them. With adorable dancing.

Date Two:

Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, Michael, John, Jef, Charlie, Kyle, Chris, Aaron, Stevie, Kalon. Let’s set the stage for love. Of course Kalon embraces the stage.

Charlie seems so unpleased with this performance date. But the muppets are there! Charlie is just so fearful and awful and I really hope he does well, he just needs to accept he’ll make a fool of himself and work it to his advantage. So he goes off and chats with Emily about his “embarrassing” problem of not wanting to go on stage. It was so amazing that she accepted it and changed him to the dancing immediately.

The adorable skit between Emily, Kermit, and Mrs. Piggy was the greatest moment. Ooh, apparently Emily is nervous as well which is great. She’s more human now! haha. I’m so pleased that Chris Harrison was involved. Jef is the cutest as he proposes to Mrs. Piggy. Kalon says such a cute thing about Ricky, but is it disingenuous?

After the performance, Emily and the guys all get a cocktail party to chat and have one-on-one time. Emily complements Chris on his looks, and how he doesn’t take them from granted or act douchey because of them. That’s an interesting complement…

Awe, apparently she doesn’t get any reassurance from Jef. Come on Jef! Pick it up! Stevie and Emily are doing some old school dancing. That was so great, and then all of a sudden Kalon, or “chopper” as Stevie calls him, cuts him. Kalon then mentions how he can get to a lot of girls and he just keeps showing how much a douche he is. Jef didn’t even look like he expected the rose, which is even better. I can’t handle how much I’m pleased about this.

Date Three:

Joe, come close to my heart, Emily. Sean is doubting himself, and Emily thinks Joe looks like Matthew McConaughey (which he doesn’t). And they’re taking a flight to West Virginia. Then she’s off in a bikini with Joe in the pool in some hotel.

Then they cut to the guys not on the date discussing fatherhood. Kalon tells the dads that they put being a dad on hold to come to this show, and how he always imagined his first child as being his own, so it’ll take time to adjust to the idea that that wouldn’t be the case in this situation. Doug gets completely pissed off about this entire situation with Kalon’s accusations of his fatherhood, telling Kalon to ask Emily if she thinks she put being a mother on hold.

Back to Joe and Emily…  Joe is losing her by saying that he just wants to see himself ‘happy’ in five years. With absolutely no plan. He seems sweet but he doesn’t really have any real plan and it’s problematic. The love clock wish he makes is cute: wishing to come back with her to meet her family. But she realizes that she doesn’t feel anything with him, and so she sends him home.

Cocktail Party:

I’ve completely changed my opinion, I like all of the clips of her and her child and getting ready in her home and everything. Complete change from the beginning :P

Arie and her had such a cute conversation about Scottsdale and children. D’awwe

Everyone’s pissed that Ryan is chatting with Emily because he already has a rose. Such drama! Then Tony walks in as she’s reading a letter Ryan gave her, and everyone feels so awkward for Tony. There is seven pages in this letter. This is horrendous. Good for Tony for not leaving though. I guess.

Kalon is just sitting there. Waiting for Emily. He is so glib.

People Staying:

*in order of getting roses*

  1. Ryan – one-on-one date
  2. Jef – group date
  3. Kalon
  4. Arie
  5. Michael
  6. Nate
  7. Sean
  8. Chris
  9. Doug
  10. Travis
  11. Tony
  12. John “Wolf”
  13. Alessandro
  14. Charlie
  15. Alejandro
  16. Stevie

My Picks:

Ryan, he was just cute and they seem really adorable already.

Jef, he seems very sweet, nice, and funny from his ‘proposal’ to Mrs. Piggy.

Doug, the defense of his child and Emily as a mother was very sweet.

Arie, his conversation at the cocktail party seemed really genuine and nice.

Charlie, going up on stage and he seems so sweet.

I’m so sad that Aaron just left. Possibly the most attractive man on the show, but oh well. What did you think of the show?