The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 3 Review

Date One:

A one-on-one with Chris. Love is a steady climb. She thinks he’s cute too. Dinner at the place with the best view… but they have to climb to the top of the building first. She’s scared? Why did you come up with this idea then? She’s freaking out and Chris is being really supportive, so that’s sweet at least. They really shouldn’t be doing that when there is lightning. Doesn’t think it’s the right time to kiss her, but mad that they didn’t kiss? Make up your mind!

He definitely seems older than 25. She’s concerned that he doesn’t realize there is a package deal with her daughter here… He’s only one year younger than you, so get over it. He definitely seems mature and immediately convinces her that he’s okay. He’s all pink in the face and flirty and being so cute. I’m glad almost every single date involves a concert. And then he asks her if he can kiss her which was so adorable! First kiss of the season!

Date Two:

Charlie, Alejandro, Stevie, Alessandro, Sean, John, Michael, Doug, Jef, Tony and Travis.  Lets play. FOOTBALL! And then it turns into so much drama. Sean and Doug are discussing  how neither one of them wanted to bombard her. Just go say hi at least?

And then she leaves… To chat up with her girlfriends. They are immediately detectives, and ready for the challenge. “Are we getting manicures?” No… You’re being quizzed, and everybody looks displeased by this turn of events.

No one is pleased with the egg guy. I can’t believe he actually brings the girl on dates. John didn’t go over very well. Stevie is dancing and everyone likes his worm. Jef needs to show her he’s interested, so go to it Jef! Apparently he’s also dated a girl with two kids. I’m very pleased. They’re liking Sean for sure! Everything thinking he’s so cute :P He’s a genetic gift to the world.

Emily blows a whistle and out comes twenty little kids. Some of the guys are having so much fun with it – playing tag, using hula hoops, going down the slides. She was very pleased with Jef’s interaction with the kids because he was playful and cute. It was great :) She’s not pleased with Ryan’s comment that she couldn’t get fat.

Everybody seems to love Sean, and Doug has such a tragic story but he always seems like such a wonderful, happy person. Tony is emotional about missing his child, and he’s crying, and Emily is trying to comfort him, but it doesn’t seem to be convincing him. With a discussion between Tony and Doug (the fathers), Tony started getting a lot more emotional. Emily comes to discuss it with Tony, but she decides to send him home.

Immediately afterward, she gives the next rose to Sean which disappointed Doug because 

Date Three:

Arie. Love is a wild ride. Kalon is so desperately jealous that he didn’t get the one-on-one.

First date – limo, plane to Tennessee, limo, private day at DollyWood. That’s a great day! Arie’s suggestion of winning something for Ricki is cute, especially when he gets her a little stuffy. Her first time ever on a real roller coaster, he’s having a blast and she’s freaking out and he’s comforting her and aweeeee. Dolly wrote a song for Emily and she could just die right now. It’s such a lovely moment because Emily is literally just SO excited by this moment. Arie is kissing her forehead and being all adorable, I’m totally a sucker for him.

Apparently she has fallen in love with his personality, but she needs to know if they’re compatible. Wow, he had such a serious past relationship. Arie lived with his last girlfriend who had two children, and he took her kids to school, and he wanted more children but the woman didn’t. He seems so much more mature than I first expected. And Emily must feel this way too, because she gives him the rose. It was so cute when she pretended to be breaking up with him but that didn’t pan out and she ended up stopping halfway through because he appeared so devastated. Second kiss of the show, as she says how much she’s liking him and how he reminds her a lot of Ricki’s father and how much she’s feeling for him and AAHHH THE CUTE EMOTIONS. Just as Arie says how he could see himself proposing to her one day and OH GOD the cuteness that this show has. I’m totally supporting their relationship the most at the moment (from this episode at least).

Cocktail Party:

Kalon is discussing children, and he tells her how much he always expected his first child to be his own, but he isn’t opposed to changing that view. I like that she noticed how he was condescending by telling her to let him finish, but I don’t think he should go home just yet – we need to see if he actually is awful, or if that was just the way he was brought up.

Travis has got rid of the egg, POOR SHELLY! All of the guys are having a toast to Shelly, I’m so pleased that everyone is a fan of this.

Alessandro doesn’t have much experience with children, and he never really comes up with a good answer. He looks at this entire taking her child as a compromise, not as an honor. From this opinion, Emily immediately sends him home. Once she walks back in she talks to Arie and he comforts her and gives her such a big hug and kiss and everything is happy and I completely love Arie and he’s my top #1 person.

People Staying:

*in order of getting roses*

  1. Chris – one-on-one date
  2. Sean – group date
  3. Arie – one-on-one date
  4. Jef
  5. Charlie
  6. Doug
  7. Michael
  8. Travis
  9. Alejandro
  10. Ryan
  11. John
  12. Kalon
  13. Nate

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)

Jef – his playtime with the kids on the date made him even more of a wonderful guy.

Doug – opening up to Emily makes him seem so much more amazing.

Arie – he seems very comfortable when around her

Unfortunately, this was Stevie’s time to go (I’m not too upset by Alessandro or Tony’s leaving). I definitely wouldn’t have said that Arie was dainty… But oh well.

What did you think of this episode?