Captain America: The First Avenger -Movie Review

I had previously seen this movie in theaters, but I never got around to writing up a full review on it, so I’m going to now. My response when coming out of the movie (which I saw in 3D) was THAT WAS AWESOME. Because it was. It really was. I’ll try to keep this review more practical and editorial, rather than quips about certain cool explosions or jumps or whatever. There will definitely be a spoiler or two at the end, but I’ll mark off a section for that at the end.


After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending the USA’s ideals.

RT Rating: Audience 75% Critic 79%

Chris Evans is what I would call perfect for the role of Steve Rogers (Captain America). He genuinely comes off as his character is supposed to be: caring, sweet, honorable, chivalrous, etc. It doesn’t seem like something fake or forced, and it makes Evans just endearing, let alone his character. But this is also coming from a fangirl, so you can’t take everything I say at face value. Hugo Weaving is powerful as the menacing antagonist Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) of this story. Stanley Tucci dominates his portion of the movie, and I’m truly sorry when he leaves, and I mourned for the character as much as Rogers does. Dominic Cooper encompasses all of the rich, superior attitude that one expects from any Stark. Although he can be cocky about his creations, he also becomes a friend of Rogers that makes him a lovable character. And for the short cameo that Tommy Lee Jones has in this movie, I can’t handle how much I love him. Hayley Atwell is a good love interest, she’s beautiful, and in a surprising turn, the love interest actually has a personality. It’s just that… normally a lot of love interest females are wholly one-sided, which is disappointing, because I always want to see someone who is strong and not just falling all over the guy.

Immediately they start the movie with intrigue. What is this object that this German man has just found? As Steve Rogers, Evans’ head is plastered onto a smaller actors body, but it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t seem unnatural (as long as you don’t know Chris Evans too well). Although this doesn’t seem like an offense, I kept waiting for him to bulk up to the Captain America size and once this occurred the movie really took off. This movie brings everything to life, every scene meant to be amazing becomes epic, and every scene meant to be sad becomes heartbreaking. With a montage of going throughout Europe and destroying Hydras weapon producing plants you get a feel for how wonderful Captain America’s team is doing, but somehow I feel it’s a little lackluster. It’s not that they didn’t do it well, it’s that a montage never gets me into a huge tizzy of excitement.

When discussing the special effects used in this movie, I guess the first thing that must be discussed is the editing they did to put Evans’ head on another mans body to make him the scrawny kid in the first part of the movie. To be honest, I thought it was done well. Obviously it wasn’t completely 100% seamlessly perfect, but when it comes to special effects, nothing is. I thought they did a really good job though, and when watching the movie the first time I didn’t even think twice about it. Although this movie was converted into 3D instead of being filmed as such, I found it to be done quite well. It added a depth to the movie throughout, instead of just in certain moments (such as when the shield flies out towards the ‘audience’). Although there were certain cliched moments for that 3D conversion, I didn’t feel that it was added unnecessarily.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this movie. Watching it the second time didn’t make me second guess my love of it, it just strengthened it. I loved it.

*Spoiler Section*

Both times watching this movie the scene on the train got me. I was so nervous, worrying that Rogers was actually going to fail (and completely ruin the last 30 minutes of the movie where they all go to his funeral and Hydra takes over instead). Of course, the one to die was not who I expected, but I was just as emotional. From the time that Rogers saves Bucky in his first attack on Hydra to the train incident I had quickly found a love for Sebastian Stan and his character. Although as I’ll detail below, it’s not like I would have seen him in the next movie anyway…

I’m so sad that Penny and Steve didnt get to go on their date. When he woke up in present day New York the only thing I could think about the first time I saw the movie was that they missed their date! And not only did they miss their date, but they can’t ever pick up with that relationship again. Steve and Penny will never be. What is Steve to do? Will he find a new girl? Or will he forever pine over his old girl Penny, never to find another love interest? Clearly the latter of those ideas will not happen, but will any girl really ever match up with the spirited Penny? But then again, none of the characters I loved in this movie will be back other than Steve. No Hayley Atwell, no Stanley Tucci, no Tommy Lee Jones, no Sebastian Stan, and no Dominic Cooper. I guess CA2 is going to be a very different movie.


Because I couldn’t help myself…. I just need to throw down a few of my favourite quotes from this movie.

Red Skull: Arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait, but you do it better than most.

Col. Chester Phillips (TLJ): If you have anything to say, now would be the perfect time to keep it to yourself.

My Rating: 9/10

I would definitely recommend watching this movie (as you’ve probably already done, because this is a long overdue review).

What did you think of the movie?