Miss USA Pageant 2012 -Pageant Review

Starting with a fashion show of all 51 contestants. I like Alabama’s hair. Connecticut was pretty. Idaho seems quite personable. Kansas’ dress was pretty. New Mexico. New York with her hair in a pony tail… that’s so rare, just like short hair, straight hair, and bangs. Oklahoma had bangs and she was cute. Texas always makes it through…

Top Sixteen: (with age)

  1. Tenessee -23
  2. Alabama -23
  3. Ohio -23
  4. Michigan -21
  5. Maryland -27
  6. New Jersey -20
  7. Texas -21
  8. Colorado -24
  9. Oklahoma -20
  10. Louisiana -22
  11. Maine -25
  12. Georgia -22
  13. South Carolina -27
  14. Rhode Island -20
  15. Nevada -26
  16. Arkansas -21

Celebrity judges:

  • Arsenio Hall is awesome.
  • Rob Kardashian? WHY!
  • Joe Jonas… How are you known for being an actor and fashion guy?

And now the swimsuit competition… With Cobra Starship (loving Gabe Saporta!) performing.  The girls dance around him is hilarious and ridiculous. I feel like they’re groping him unwillingly, apart from the fact that everything is obviously very consensual. Tennessee had a sweet smile. Still liking Alabama’s hair. Everyone gets so excited by Texas of course… God she looked like she gave us a death stare. Rhode Island is so disgustingly skinny. Arkansas is awesome! She’s not as skinny as any of the other girls and I’m definitely supportive of that.

Top Ten:

  1. Alabama
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Ohio
  4. Georgia
  5. Texas
  6. Colorado
  7. New Jersey
  8. Maryland
  9. Rhode Island
  10. Nevada

Evening gown portion. Alabama has such a sheer dress, it’s beautiful. Oklahoma’s hair up with the bangs is SO cute. Ohio has such a beautiful canary yellow dress. It looks like the perfect prom dress I really like her. Georgia has such a big v-neck, high slit up the thigh, and back cutout, Gee. Texas has such a…sparkly, pretty dress. Colorado’s red dress looks quite nice too. I also love this section because I get to see so many pretty dresses :) New Jersey has a lovely white Grecian goddess dress. But immediately afterward we see Maryland with another white dress that flows so much more like the perfect Grecian goddess dress. I love the brown underside of the fushia dress that Rhode Island had. The necklace that Nevada is wearing is quite interesting, it’s a cool style.

Top Five:

  1. Georgia
  2. Nevada
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Maryland
  5. Ohio

Personal discussion time. Scuba-diving with sharks with Georgia… That sounds cool! I’m loving that Ohio nicknamed her dress the school bus.

Question and answer period. Georgia immediately comes up with a completely coherent and smart answer. Rhode Island had such a great question about the transgendered woman, and she had such a fantastic answer.

Winner Countdown:

5. Georgia

4. Nevada

3. Ohio

2. Maryland

1. Rhode Island

Since the transgendered question she answered I’ve wanted her to win so desperately. She is so fun and composed and lovely and pretty and I’m really pleased for her win.

What did you think?