Take Me Out – Series Premiere

Take Me Out is a new American dating show based on the British version of the same name. If the girls aren’t picked then they are brought to the next episode. Each girl has a light they turn off if they’re turned off by the guy. Of any remaining girls by the end of his “confessions” he gets to have his pick with them.

The girls all walk out in short dresses revealing their personalities, but I suspect – as in any of these dating shows – a lot of them may just be looking for a modeling contract rather than for love. George Lopez talks to this girl named Mindy and her voice is atrocious. There is no way I can get over how squeaky and unpleasant it is. I just want to shudder.

The first guy Brandon gets a blackout – all the girls turned their lights off for him. He hunts and would like a girl who could hunt with him and he doesn’t allow cookies in the house. He’s just not good enough for all of them I guess…

The second guy, John, walks out and so many of the girls look incredibly displeased by him, leaving only 13 of the 30 girls remaining. He’s a drummer, he’s a big softy, and he loves his parents. 6 of the 30 remain. He starts drumming, and by the end two girls remain. He has his pick between Lorena and Samantha. The guy gets to ask the remaining girls one question and he chooses: “If I gave you $50,000 what would you do with it?” Lorena says she would buy an RV and travel the country. Samantha would buy clothes & makeup, then ask what he wants. Because Samantha included him in her question she gets the date. Their first date is at the “Lodge of Love” which we’ll see a little bit of on the following week.

Eric comes out to Sexy and I Know It. 8/30. He’s got some attitude at the girls who are saying why they’re rejecting him. After mentioning he has multiple personalities – but not in a disorder type of way – he ends with 1 of the 30 remaining for the last round. Eric gets a blackout after stripping off his clothes into a shiny speedo. And good riddance, because they REALLY don’t choose good guys.

The next – and last – guy of the night is Alain. He’s Italian. With an accent. On the first impression he keeps 29 of the 30 girls. After believing in love and fighting, he stays with 25 of the 30 girls. Being a gladiator brings him to 4 girls out of the 30. He gets to keep two girls, and he chooses Mikaela and Debra. His question to the girls is “what is your dream?” Mikaela wants to change the world, go to Italy, and have her clothes go down a runway. Debra wants to help the world and find a great man. He chooses Mikaela, and once again we’ll see their date next week.

All in all, this seems like such a sleazy show, but it revels in this fact. George Lopez makes awful jokes and the girls all bat their eyelashes like they don’t notice his jokes at their expense. For silly shows to keep me entertained during the summer this is definitely one that I want to follow up with.