The Choice – Series Premiere

Four eligible bachelors get their pick of a bunch of bimbos. That sounds like a fair assessment so far. During the “choice round” girls get thirty seconds to talk about themselves in hopes that the men will turn their chairs. If more than one guy turns then the woman gets her pick between them. Each guy gets three girls in the group that they are then made to choose between until there is only one and they get their date.

Romeo, Jeremy Bloom, Jason Cook, Pauly D are the four eligible bachelors for tonight.

The guys have been having a good time joking around with each other, they all seem quite happy and friendly and it’s been entertaining to watch. It also helps if some of the guys are cute or something as well.

The next round is the “speed choice” round where they must each get rid of one of their girls. This is an incredibly intense round. Everyone is shouting at each other and it seems so aggressive.

Next we come across a “question round” where both of the remaining girls get asked the same question by the guy and they give an answer which helps him make his choice as to who he will take on the date. We see these dates on the following weeks’ episode to see how it went. I’m assuming that none of these dates will ever really go anywhere, and the show seems completely useless for that exact reason.

This show was definitely a lot of fun, and it’s only six episodes which is good, because I doubt I could handle it for much longer… So I’ll be watching for this short season, but if I miss an episode it won’t be too disappointing.

What did you think of the show?