Contraband – Movie Review


To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills.

RT Rating: Audience 59% Critic 51%

Mark Wahlberg is back in true form with this film. There’s action, guns, and a girl he’s doing everything for. Playing this type of role seems to put Wahlberg at ease, as he’s become quite good at it and frequents this gritty character. Kate Beckinsale gives an understated but good performance as Wahlberg’s wife. Giovanni Ribisi shines as the ‘bad guy’ forcing Wahlberg back into the smuggling game.

Although everything that can go wrong does, Wahlberg continues to have the upper hand (or he rolls with the punches, at least) and he never seems fazed by what is going on around him. They’ve lost the money and have to do a run for an armored truck? No big deal. Captain of the ship comes in asking for the package he’s running? Nah, he doesn’t have one. Wahlberg continues to hatch plans and act calm, cool, and collected no matter what happens while he’s smuggling drugs or money, and his brow only furrows when his family gets involved. Unfortunately, the familial bond never really connects as we don’t get to see Wahlberg with his wife (Kate Beckinsale) or their two sons.

This movie is fast paced, and enjoyable to watch. It may not be one of the best movies ever, but the problems that occur for Wahlberg and his group make the journey exciting and a guessing game as to how it will turn out.

My Rating: 7.5/10

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, loving the action and the drama and I would probably watch it again. Of course, having Mark Wahlberg as the lead actor helped.

What did you think of the movie?