The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 5 Review

I’m still loving that Ricky gets to come along with Emily to everywhere that they travel.

Date One:

Sean. One-on-one. Love takes no prisoners. Kalon isn’t thrilled because he doesn’t get to see Emily very much, Jef desperately wants a one-on-one so he can take things further with Emily, and Arie doesn’t want any of the other guys to steal some of Emily’s feelings.

London’s calling, and Sean is going to answer. Sean and Emily are wandering through London, taking cute pictures together and kissing in front of Buckingham Palace. Sean gets up at Speakers Corner, and talks about how he feels about love. Emily likes her relationship with Sean, Sean wishes the night could go on forever. Both of them seemed to have genuine smiles from this date, so hopefully they’ll go far.

Date Two:

Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John, Kalon. Group date. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Kalon is so incredibly PISSED that he didn’t get the one on one. Doug is so sweet when he notices Emily is sick. I’m so pleased with this entire acting date. Kalon is taking this way too seriously and shooing her away, Travis is just making it an entirely funny experience. Arie is terrified and going horribly bright shades of red – and he’s playing the nurse. Doug and Arie are in their dresses, preparing for the role of the nurse.

Kalon is trying to be sincere but he’s too intense and serious. Doug played a good girl, but Arie did it better. Ryan’s smarts at getting two kisses instead of one was really smart. I’m glad that everyone did well (maybe not Kalon, but oh well). Emily’s crush on Arie growing a lot from the Shakespeare portion of the date is awesome. I’m still so incredibly gung-ho on the Arie/Emily relationship.

Kalon keeps making awful comments towards Emily, and now everybody is horrified by what Kalon is saying. Doug is such a good man, confirming what Kalon is saying and then telling Emily. He didn’t even want to retract the comment when Doug confronted him. Emily’s defense of her daughter is so wonderful, the protection she feels for those she loves is awesome.

What frustrated me was Emily’s decision not to hand out the group date rose, citing that nobody told her about Kalon. UMMM, Doug told you. Doug confronted Kalon. Doug tried to comfort you afterwards. I’m very worried about Emily and Arie because they’ve hinted that she’s not pleased with him.

Date Three:

Jef. One-on-one. They’re having afternoon tea with an etiquette teacher. Oh geez. I’m glad that Jef understands exactly what Emily is needing to know. He’s smiley and she’s really into him and I’m so pleased with how everything is going with them. Their discussion seems so honest and unscripted and actually enjoyable.

Cocktail Party:

Emily is bringing the tough questions for this cocktail party. Arie is incredibly terrified he might be going home, while Ryan is doing the balcony Romeo & Juliet scene. She seems to be liking bad-boy Ryan quite a lot. Everyone but Ryan seems to nervous about going home.

Arie is so concerned because Doug and Ryan have received roses and Arie has yet to. I do not condone her torture of Arie. It’s between Arie and Alejandro for the final rose. I don’t see how she could choose Alejandro over Arie who she has such feeling for. I’m sad for Alejandro leaving, but he’s young, he’ll find someone else, and Arie is more necessary to stay.

People Staying:

  1. Sean – one-on-one
  2. Jef – one-on-one
  3. Doug
  4. Ryan
  5. Chris
  6. John
  7. Travis
  8. Arie

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)
(third episode: Jef, Doug, Arie)
(fourth episode: Jef, Arie) 

Sean -standing up and talking about love at Speakers Corner was SO cute.

Arie -playing the nurse was incredibly cute, and what he said to Emily during their one-on-one time was adorable

Doug -he told Emily about what Kalon said, and helped her confront him

Jef -he knew exactly what Emily was needing to hear on this date, he put her at ease, and he stood up for her

What did you think of the episode?