Saving Hope -Series Premiere

“I am having an out of body experience in a tuxedo.

The man having the out of body experience is Dr. Charlie Harris, the chief of surgery at Toronto’s Hope-Zion Hospital. His moments in the show aren’t overpowering and his comments are kept to a minimum, yet with this dynamic it will take longer to get to know his character compared to everyone else. Dr. Alex Reid, fiancé to the unconscious Harris, is the focal character of the series. She is easy to like with her power as a surgeon, caring attitude, and love for her fiancé. Easily my favourite character from his entrance into the show was Dr. Joel Goran, Reid’s ex and the newcomer orthopedic surgeon to this hospital. I recognized him in previews as Elijah in The Vampire Diaries, and I immediately was drawn to his character in this show. Everything about him appears different than Charlie, and I like that juxtaposition.

My only minor complaint with the show would be the addition of so much lens flare. It’s really not needed as it distracts from what is happening. I easily got used to it, so it’s not of much significance, but it could annoy people…

I’ve been looking for a new hospital drama to sink my teeth into (I can’t believe I used a vampire pun) and this seems to be just the one for me. The dynamic of the chief of surgery in a coma with his out of body experience being a running theme is intriguing, and I will enjoy watching what they do to keep him relevant and continue the lives of everybody else.

As it’s a TV show, I’m not going to give it a rating out of 10, but I will definitely recommend it to lovers of the hospital drama or any dramatic show, unless your squeamish – because they do show a bit of the surgery, as most hospital shows do.

What do you think of the show? Will you continue watching?