The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 6 Review

Ricky is no longer with Emily on her trip, but that’s okay as we never really saw her anyway.

Date One:

Travis. One-on-one. Let’s look for love beyond the walls. Emily knocks on the door to see the guys with a date card in hand. The sites they show are so beautiful, it’s one of my favourite parts of this show when they travel. Emily’s just trying to see all the boys naked of course.

I’m shocked by how minimally Travis has dated since he was engaged. I’m saddened because he opened up to Emily about how he hasn’t found anyone he’s felt this way for in two years, and then she completely denies him. So egg guy is out, 

Date Two:

John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris, Arie. Group date. Lasting love requires bravery. Ryan is terribly arrogant.

I’m so jealous that they get to see Brave early… It looks like such a great movie every time I see a trailer it looks great. With a Highland Games going on you have to have kilts! So I’m glad Arie gets to continue his dress/skirt theme for another episode. I don’t understand why they didn’t go to Scotland instead of Croatia…

All the guys look so hot during the Games, but I’m really pleased that she gave Chris the Bravery Cup even though he lost each of the games while Sean won them because she showed she didn’t just care about the muscles, and she actually understands the meaning of bravery, which isn’t strength.

Emily on the night portion of the group date… ALL THE SPARKLES! Arie and Emily are the cutest, I’m definitely supporting their relationship. Trying to stay away from everyone else for as long as possible, and they’ve used the love word around each other which is big. But then Jef is all adorable and giving her his jacket. Then he tells her the secret that he’s “freaking crazy about her” and I can’t stop the smile from spreading across my face. And he’s falling in love with her and I’m going to be so emotional when she chooses to send Arie or Jef home.

It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t give the rose to Arie or Jef, but I’m pleased that Chris got the rose as well because of the same reason she gave him the Bravery Cup instead of Sean. We still never see any of her time with John, and I’m not sure what that means…

Date Three:

Ryan. One-on-one.The world is our oyster. He’s way too cocky. WHY DOES HE HAVE BRIGHT BLUE SHOES! I love that all the guys have such a ridiculous reaction and just laugh when Ryan leaves. I’m concerned that she doesn’t send him home immediately when he calls her a trophy wife and other things like that. Their activities look natural but their conversations don’t. I’d definitely suggest she ditch him because she’s better with some of the other guys.

12 things that Ryan likes to find in a woman: loyal, logical, encourager, faithful, nurturer, confident, beautiful, … and every time he says another item from that list she looks worse and worse about it. But then she doesn’t give him the rose and I’m so proud of her for not giving either one-on-one date a rose. But now he’s turning it around on her and making her feel bad and he’s completely manipulating her and I hate it. I’m horrified she’s going to change her mind -so of course they go to commercials. But then she actually doesn’t give him the rose and it’s so amazing because she didn’t fall for the manipulation.

Cocktail Party:

The same night that Ryan gets sent home, Emily comes back to her room and Arie comes to visit her because he just can’t wait, and he wants to comfort her. His sneaking out is so cute. They’re just sitting in her bed with the covers pulled down and them just lounging and being all adorable. And she gives him Ryan’s rose and it’s so cute and I just am so giddy because they’re incredibly amazing together and it really did help her which I’m happy about. He just said that he’s in love with her and could propose to her tomorrow and oh god, my feels right now.

Emily says that she’s basically choosing between John and Doug for who will go home, and probably John out of those two. Yet then John tells a story about his grandparents and she’s thinking of not sending him home. Next, she talks to Doug. But he’s so awkward because he isn’t making a move and she wants him to and I don’t know if they’ve even kissed yet. It’s so sad because I like him and he’s getting all teary because he hasn’t made the move and he thinks he’ll be going home. I hope that he becomes the new Bachelor if he doesn’t make it through this show. He needs somebody and he’s so sweet and wonderful and amazing.

People Staying:

  1. Chris – group date
  2. Sean
  3. Jef
  4. Arie
  5. John
  6. Doug – bonus rose
During the choosing for the fifth rose she pauses and thinks. And thinks. And thinks. And goes to talk to Chris Harrison. I feel so bad for both Doug and John. I love that Harrison is always so wonderful. I’M SO PLEASED because she ends up giving roses to both. Next up, they’re going to Prague!
I’m terrified from the clips for next week. Arie is caught up in something really bad. OH PLEASE NO!

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)
(third episode: Jef, Doug, Arie)
(fourth episode: Jef, Arie)
(fifth episode: Sean, Arie, Doug, Jef)

Chris -he showed that he was willing to make a fool of himself, and 

Arie -their relationship is the cutest, I love them so much together

Jef -he looks so happy when he’s with her and she’s so silly with him

What did you think of the episode?