The Glass House -Series Premiere

The Big Brother with only America’s choice.

I can’t handle how bad this show is, so I’m doing point form thoughts immediately during the show. So there probably won’t be any great grammar or explanation or anything

  • America chooses for everyone to get into bikinis, eat sushi, and play kiss and blow. how is it already 20 minutes into the hour long show? why am i watching? how can these people take themselves seriously?
  • they’re split up into teams and must choose team captains
  • Alex is completely skeezy and gross and weird
  • Jacob volunteers and acts douche-y for West coast team… hoping they don’t win
  • gay guy Jeffery decides to volunteer for the East coast team. he seems to have a much better team
  • Apolo doesn’t want to play the game. but that’s the entire point of playing the game
  • West coast is having such a terrible time with the task at hand and they’re supid
  • East team did all of this really quickly and easily and I’m so pleased that they won
  • everyone is calling Joy a nympho. she says she has a very European outlook. I’M SORRY… European and slut are not the same thing. Furthermore, having a European outlook does not mean you’re sleeping around or promiscuous, or anything like that.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is being brought into EVERYTHING
  • why is Alex wearing Joy’s thong?
  • I’m so pleased with Kevin the cop – protecting all the women in the house
  • Alex was voted to go into limbo with Jacob. Thank God I may not have to see Alex anymore
  • Jacob quit. nooo, now there’s a higher chance I’ll have to see Alex!
  • I signed up on JUST to vote against Alex. I hope he doesn’t return, but it doesn’t matter because I won’t be watching anymore anyway.

What did you think of the show?