The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -Book Review

I recently read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

My opinion on this book is really shaky.

The first half of the book was quite dull because nothing happened. Character introductions took about 100 pages and then there’s another 300 or so where we barely see Lisbeth (whose snippets were always more interesting than Mikael’s long passages) and instead we see Mikael’s no progress on the investigation. For 300 pages. I found it dull and boring, and I knew that Lisbeth gets raped at one point of the novel, and early on I realized that she wouldn’t become a major player in the book (and Mikael wouldn’t find new evidence) until she was raped. As completely awful as it sounds, I was expectantly, hopefully waiting for the rape scene so that something interesting would come from it.

Immediately after the rape scene, the book picked up. Suddenly Lisbeth and Mikael are meeting and gaining more information and the plot has picked up speed quite rapidly. Once picking up speed I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s written fantastically, there is lots of character development, the mystery is intriguing and I definitely am intrigued into the next books and both movie adaptations (which will be reviewed upon watching them).

What did you think of the book?