Fifty Shades Trilogy -Book Series Review

I recently read the Fifty Shades trilogy by E. L. James. This was an interesting trilogy, and although the books are definitely NSFW, this review should be.

This trilogy has been called “mommy porn” which I have to say it sort of is. All of the sex gets rather repetitive after a while. Yes, it’s enticing, but it’s all very tame compared to the BDSM lifestyle that is mentioned with Christian Grey’s “Red Room of Pain” and all of the interesting things which could have occurred with that. But it was enjoyable.

The story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele kept me focussed solely on these books for the four days that it took me to read them. I couldn’t put my laptop down because there always seemed to be some new thing unfolding. Even when a book ended I couldn’t stop because I needed to know it would all turn out okay. *spoiler alert* It does. Giving these characters a story to focus the sex around keeps a soul in the book I didn’t expect I would find.

At the end of the third book, E. L. James includes the couples meeting from Christian Grey’s point of view. Unfortunately, this point of view left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Although we sort of know this is how Grey thought at the beginning of the first novel, that doesn’t make it any better. Hearing and seeing everything from Anastasia’s POV softens everything, makes it bearable, while Christian’s POV makes him no longer seem as wonderful, it twisted even the good once he minimized that side.

The main downfall of this trilogy is the writing itself. Throwing a complex vocabulary into a poorly written novel does not even out into good writing. Having to look up words in a dictionary (thankfully on my Kindle app) from time to time is okay, but when it’s on every few pages it ruins the story.

Admittedly, this novel started off as Twilight fan fiction, which makes so much more sense, but it ruined the story a bit for me, too. A middle aged woman writing a sex story based on teenagers? Even if it is changed so the man is 27 and the woman 21(ish), it’s still weird because she was thinking of Edward and Bella.

While reading the book I did mostly enjoy it, so if you’re into the erotic/romance lit then download/buy the book and have a read!

What did you think of the trilogy?