Project X -Movie Review

IMDB: 3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.

RT Rating: Audience 66% Critic 26%

They set the movie up with the father giving them “strict” guidelines. 1. do not touch the car, 2. max 4-5 friends, 3. no one goes in the office, 4. every phone call gets answered. Then the stereotypical worried mother comes in worrying about leaving their son alone for the weekend. Well we all know those rules are going to be broken within a matter of minutes, but thanks for setting it up so plainly like that like I’m stupid.

There are some funny moments, namely the drug dealer running after the mini van in a robe yelling for his gnome, but all in all the lines fell flat and left a bad taste in my mouth. They seemed to go only for the shock value. Although some of the antics in this movie have made me laugh out loud, I feel that as a whole I didn’t laugh as much as I should. All of the things which should have put a stop to the party for any sane person are laughed off in this, and it’s just ridiculous. The flame thrower scene is so much more crazy then the trailers let on, who the hell brings the flame thrower guy? I always have so much love for police in these kinds of situations. When it comes to stupid teenagers or police doing their jobs I’m definitely supporting the latter.

There are lots of long montage scenes in the movie. There are babes, there is booze, and there is a dog who doesn’t look very pleased. But please, someone explain to me why Costa is drinking from a chalice? Where did he even find that? Seriously I feel so bad for that poor, poor dog though. The montage scenes are fun though, but they feel a bit like long trailers. I counted four long montages.

I completely dislike the character Costa (Oliver Cooper), but he can say some ridiculous things “I am eighteen and a half years old, sir” why would you say that to a police officer? I hope that Thomas (Thomas Mann) and the blonde friend get together because they seem cute together. Of course predictable things happen, but oh well. But I really feel bad for JB, Costa is horribly mean to him.

One of the main things that kept popping up in my mind when watching this movie was that crazy party that teenager had in Australia, and how it cost over $20,000 in property damage, etc. After checking, this movie was sort of based on that, which definitely makes sense. It’s confirmed during one of the last clips of the movie, a segment of a “Rise and Shine LA” TV show where Costa is wearing sunglasses, holding his chalice, and standing in front of a house while acting really cocky. EXACTLY as the Aussie was on an interview. What tops it all of is the fake reporter in the clip and the reporter in real life both asked for an apology.

“Dax is currently under investigation for the disappearance of his parents.” What even. Dax is such a mystery, I wish he would have been in front of the camera a little more than he was.

My Rating: 7/10

This movie went up in my ratings as it went along. I definitely enjoyed the movie, but it wouldn’t be something I’d want to watch more than once. If you’re looking for something to watch while turning off your brain for ninety minutes then go ahead and watch it, but otherwise it wouldn’t be for you. This movie obviously doesn’t have any outstanding performances or anything Oscar-worthy, but it’s fun.

What did you think of the movie?