What’s Your Number -Movie Review

I said on my personal blog that I was going to have a Chris Evans’ movie night… So there will probably be a few posts in the next few days reviewing some more movies by the wonderful Evans. First up is What’s Your Number.

Ally (Anna Faris) has read an article telling her that her number of sexual partners is high, and that upon hitting twenty a woman is unlikely to find a husband. She decides to count out how many people she’s actually slept with, and discovers it to be nineteen. After being fired from her job, vowing to sleep with no more men until finding her husband, then immediately having sex with old boss she now must turn to her exes. While the neighbor across the way, Colin (Chris Evans), helps her track down all of her exes humor ensues as she realizes her exes are in the past for a reason.

RT Rating: Audience 45% Critic 24%

I’m not going to shy away from the reason I wanted to watch this movie – Chris Evans is attractive.And the first scene with him fulfilled the naked quota, but it isn’t the last time we will see him in barely any clothing (although in this quick scene there was nothing but a tea towel).

I never expected excellence from this movie, and I don’t think they claimed it would deliver that. Anna and Chris seem to have a good connection throughout the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience this movie provided. Yes, it had a predictable ending as all romantic comedies do, but that isn’t the point. How they get to this ending is entertaining and funny, so what more can you ask for? With a little bit of ingenuity on the rom com theme – finding multiple ex lovers – this movie provides a unique twist on falling in love and with one of my favourite actors, I couldn’t say no.

My Rating: 8/10

I know I have a biased reaction to this movie, but what can one expect? For anyone else who loves Chris Evans… Here’s one more photo before I end this rather pitiful excuse for a review:

What did you think of the movie?