The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 7 Review

In the previews for this week’s episode they made out like there was going to be big drama between Emily and Arie because of one of his past relationships… I’m not sure what to make of that, because they’ve done this many times before in past seasons (and in this one) where they exaggerate the drama to keep people excited for the next episode. And of course this drama has to be with the guy that seems to have the best connection with Emily, and immediately after he confesses to the journal camera that he is in love with Emily.

So my top three is Arie, Jef, and Sean. It’s been this way for the past few episodes, and I hope it is able to continue this way.

Now, let’s see how it goes this episode:

Date One:

Arie. One-on-one. With no roses on these one on one dates that makes it less stressful during the date, but more stressful on the rose ceremony. He’s such a gentleman, holding her jacket. His planning where they might get married is SO cute. But while they’re being incredibly cute, Emily is hiding that she knows this about him. It just seems so stupid. It’s the first time I’ve said it, but Emily is being immature. Stop pretending to cast doubt. 

Chris Harrison now explains that Cassie (the girl Arie dated) has interviewed Emily, and they show it… I love that this Cassie girl is defending him. Emily is being so silly right now. How is he supposed to know what she is referring to? And probably freaking him out. Why is she not being direct about this like everything else? Chris Harrison even says that the relationship was “really brief” but then we find out that Emily, Arie, and Cassie had a conversation about it and Emily is okay about it suddenly. And he’s honest and it’s so lovely. And as my dad and I expected, he didn’t even think about their relationship, he barely remembered it. The fact that she apologizes is really sweet, because it shows that she understands her mistake.

Arie is getting all quiet and nervous, and he just told her that he is in love with her and I’m so fucking pleased. It makes her really, really happy and although Emily isn’t allowed to say that she loves him on camera, she definitely looks like she loves him too.

Date Two:

John. One-on-one. In Prague, all you need is love. Chris is “livid” but not showing it. Good choice. John seems so embarrassed to kiss her on the cheek, I definitely don’t see this relationship lasting much longer. I think him being on TV makes him very nervous, unfortunately that inhibits his relationship with Emily. It’s telling of their relationship that they can’t close the lock to their undying love.

I don’t think having an important dinner in a dungeon is a good idea. Geez, John’s last relationship is so upsetting. I’m concerned about John saying that he’s falling in love with Emily because I don’t think she’s really going to keep him.

Upon John getting home from his one on one date and Sean being in the group date, Sean decides to sneak out and run around the streets of Prague, calling out her name, until he finds her. It’s so great, he can see himself marrying her and spending his life with her, and he’s not upset about the group date, and I’m really pleased with their relationship. Emily even agrees that he would be a great husband. 

Date Three:

Chris, Doug, and Sean. Group date. Let’s find our happily ever after. I’m pleased that Jef didn’t gloat to Chris about getting the one on one. Chris is so pissy. Once again being the gentleman, Doug allows Chris and Sean to sit on either side of Emily and then worries about whether she’s getting wet on the ride over. Doug still hasn’t kissed Emily, which is concerning. Doug is so incredibly awkward and embarrassed, his body language makes it seem that he doesn’t want to sit next to her much less kiss her or anything. This is the most heartbreaking scene of the entire season. Doug is an incredibly good guy, but I just wish that he was more confident in himself and he wouldn’t have had such problems.

Chris’ plan to get very confrontational with Emily probably isn’t the best of ideas. But once she gives the rose to Sean Chris gets incredibly pissed off and frustrated and angry and it’s probably not going to help him with Emily.

Date Four:

Jef. One-on-one. This is your chance to pull at my heartstrings. He’s still incredibly cute. Chris is so sullen, that’s not the way to win a girl over. I love that he asks about Ricky, I think he’d be such a wonderful father for her daughter. Oh gee, he’s going off and getting Ricky a marionette as well, I seriously think he is a wonderful guy. I’m so pleased he told her he loved her! He’s definitely in for the long haul on this one!

The discussion they have about the future, living together before marriage, and fatherhood… It’s all just so exciting. They seem so incredible together and they’ve had the serious conversations that you would have in an actual relationship, and it’s pretty much assured that Jef will be staying.

Cocktail Party:

Chris Harrison comes in to do the usual coaching session with Emily to help her figure out who to send home. She decides not to even do a cocktail party because she knows what she wants to do. And then there’s Chris getting incredibly emotional and deciding the needs to talk to Emily and he isn’t able to. Mum says Chris is just coming off as psycho now, and I have to say it kind of makes sense. I’m glad they give Chris all of this time before the rose ceremony to freak out.

Everyone is freaking out because Chris just interrupted the rose ceremony. He’s telling her that he’s falling in love with her, and I just can’t help but feel that she’ll still send him home. But she does end up giving it to John. That’s really unfortunate for Mr. Confident John because it really did seem she would be keeping him.

Slow and steady doesn’t ever seem to win the race in this show, apparently. John took it very well though, but I am sad to see him go after Chris’ freakout.

People Staying:

  1. Sean – group date
  2. Jef
  3. Arie
  4. Chris

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)
(third episode: Jef, Doug, Arie)
(fourth episode: Jef, Arie)
(fifth episode: Sean, Arie, Doug, Jef)
(sixth episode: Sean, Arie, Jef)

Arie -he has told her that he loves her, and they’re so cute together

Sean -the way Emily reacted upon Sean finding her in the street was priceless

Jef -telling her he loves her and getting the gift for Ricky really puts him up

With the previews for next week, it seems that Emily doesn’t know how to make a decision. They didn’t show anything from the family dates which is unfortunate, because that’s always some of the most ridiculous and entertaining moments of the season.

What did you think of the episode?