Take Me Out 1×04 -Episode Review

George Lopez enters the episode with his usual unfunny jokes. As the girls walk on stage he says “set the phasers to stunning” that’s unfortunately. Upon taking the Take Me Out oath, he goes over to talk to all the 

One of the girls says she has a celebrity crush…on Danny Devito. Ew? The professional bowler girl only cares about the “equipment he’s bringing to the lane” so that’s classy.

Let the whip cream see the cherry: the first guy comes out in red plaid and a slow ballad. I’m so confused by his appearance. 30/30 Literally every girl keeps her lights on for him which evokes his response of showing his abs. So many of these are so forward that it’s just embarrassing. I think it would be more intriguing for 30 guys and 1 girl. 17/30 He works with little kids which would definitely keep me interested. Once he mentions his job at a posh club a bunch of ladies turn off their lights. The jealousy in these women… 10/30 This guy seems to do everything. It appears there’s some older women on this show, which just seems very rape-y. Kenny quickly turns off 8 girl’s lights then asks the question “how can you hold my interest?” George Lopez can’t even hold in his laughter at the second woman’s response (sex) and went for the natural beauty of the show.

Next we see the date that Rocker Danny and Sana went on last week. They seem to have an actual connect and it’s really cute. He then sings her a partial song that he was writing.

Next comes an overweight man named Phil with a 70’s country song. 20/30 stay with the “big teddy bear” and I’m glad to see that the majority of the girls did keep their lights on for him. 3/30 I’m glad that this guy seems really sweet and that he’s self-deprecating. 1/30 Kelly B kept her light on through the man cave and hot rod comments, so I’m glad he got somebody.

This next guy had a horrendous song choice (Nelly, Hot in Herre) but he’s cute. 28/30 Mindy seems to have got so much less annoying through the shows. 20/30 This guy models and wants a girl who can eat a big meal. 14/30 Aaron has a talent he wants to show everybody. And it’s only him sitting down and then moving into a handstand. They built it up and make it look exciting, and it really wasn’t. Aaron gets his pick of girls at the end, asking where they would take him on an adventurous romantic date. Australia or outer space? I would definitely pick Jenny, the girl who would take him out of this world, and he seems to agree.

Sebastian is absolutely horrendous. 12/30 remain after his introduction… He has an eleven year old child, and he quickly gets a black out.

Last, we see date between Leslie and Evan. They apparently also had a good date picking strawberries and having dinner. For both dates of this week they wanted a second date, so that’s good!

What did you think of the episode?