The Choice 1×04 -Episode Recap/Review

Carmen Electra, Rima Fakih, Sophie Monk, Hope Dworaczyk are the ladies of the night. This is the only week with women in the chairs rather than men. Unfortunately, the women are much less interesting than the guys. Many of the men aren’t that attractive which was disappointing.

All of the girls are interacting with each other a bit, keeping some of the laughs going. I have to admit the Aussie, Sophie Monk, was the most entertaining throughout the episode, but after filing up her dating circle first we didn’t hear much of her for a while.

Hearing Carmen Electra for so much during this episode made me realize just how awful she is and how mean women can be. More than once, Carmen made comments about how she had disliked guys after turning around and seeing them, that was unnecessary. One guy had that occur for both of the people who chose him, Rima and Carmen, but after choosing to be on Rima’s team he ended up going to the end with her, so I guess he was good. He’s one of the guys I liked the most anyway.

Hope’s guys during the question period. “If the two of you fell in love, how would you propose to her?” Brandt says he would keep it sweet and bring it back to when they originally fell in love while Marco says he would make it intimate by the water. Hope decides to choose Brandt as I had hoped.

Sophie has the option between David and Shane. “Would you give her a little bit of your best celebrity impression?” David gives his best impression from Toy Story, which is incredibly cute and I hope she picks him. Shane gives a bit of an Elvis impression but his pelvis has been used so much through the show already that it wasn’t commented on in a good way between Cat and Sophie. She chooses Shane, so apparently she was looking for the “well oiled hips” he presented.

Rima’s question is “If you were competing in a beauty pageant Karim does a fashion walk while Andrew (the cutie) said he’s very talented with his tongue. Let’s get a cherry over there so he can show his talent just as Karim did. Rima ends up doing a sniff test and then goes straight for Andrew, who she rejected at first upon seeing him. I have to admit that I’m very pleased she ended up choosing him. It was then very cute when he picked her up and carried her down the stairs and back to her seat. I hope their date goes well.

Carmen has a choice between Christopher and Nicolas with the question “In your opinion, if you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?” Christopher says he would be a shark and how no idea why, but he knows she likes sharks while Nicolas chooses a dolphin because they’re intelligent and they like to get down for fun. Carmen shows that she’s a bitch as she fakes going for Nicholas and then puts her hands all over Christopher. They’re just getting down and dirty on stage, and she’s really not very classy – although this show isn’t very classy to begin with.

What did you think of the episode?