The Bachelorette Season 8 – Episode 7 – Recap/Review

In the previews for this episode, we see absolutely nothing about Arie. Jef, Sean, and Chris’s hometowns all seem to have minor problems, but with no clips of Arie, does this mean there are no problems?

Seeing Ricky:

Her coming home and seeing Ricky at the beginning is so cute. I’m glad that we get to see Emily interact with her daughter and get some insight on her feelings for all of the guys. Her clips with Chris are cute, but I didn’t see any spark between them. Jef definitely seems head over heels in love with her, and her reactions to him are really good. Emily and Arie seem to be so touchy-feely in their clips, their spark is definitely alive. Sean and her seem cute, but I’m still not sure about them…

Hometown One:

Emily goes to Chris’s hometown of Chicago first. He still looks like he could go a bit psycho at any moment, so hopefully they have some good security around the place. He has such a winning smile on his face throughout the entire one-on-one portion of their date. Now that he is smiley and more sure of himself, he doesn’t seem like the crazy guy anymore – but Emily still looks a bit wary. They go to a cute Polish restaurant for lunch before meeting the family, but they seem a bit quiet and awkward. Emily has such casual, normal friendly reactions which I love, finally there’s a normal Bachelor(ette)!

The family portion seems so awkward… Their conversations feel forced when she talks about Chris around his family. While talking to Chris’ dad she mentioned that she’s falling for Chris, but I’m concerned that this will hurt Chris more in the long run. His dad tells Chris, so he tells Emily later that he loves her, and this so won’t be good if she ditches him. Her reaction to Renee’s concerns about breaking Chris’s heart seems to have really made Emily think about what she’s doing to these guys. I hope she doesn’t have a breakdown as the previews are hinting at.

My favourite part of Chris and Emily’s date was when there was the music and dancing at the end, it showed that she was still having a fun time with him.

Hometown Two:

Immediately I’m so excited for Jef’s day with Emily in Utah (at the family ranch). Jef and Emily get in a buggy and they end up shooting guns. His expectation that he’d have to teach her to shoot definitely played to her advantage, and I think it was so cute when he’s trying to impress her with his skills and she does all of it just as well. I’m glad he thinks her shooting guns is “so hot” though :P I’m still incredibly pleased with their relationship, they both seem so smiley and happy.

I don’t think that this hometown will go badly on Emily’s end, but possibly with Jef’s brother hurting Jef’s confidence. Emily’s conversation with his sisters seemed to be really good and friendly, and I’m glad everybody seems to like her. The part that seemed like it would be most worrisome was Jef and his brother’s discussion, but Jef ended up getting the blessing of his entire family, so there wasn’t any need for concern (as usual).

My favourite part of this date was also right at the end, when Jef read her this big letter he had written after leaving Prague last week. All of his feelings are on the line and I love that he continually includes Ricky in very natural ways into their conversations and dates. It was almost like vows. I think he would be such a great father. I can’t handle how much I love their relationship.

Hometown Three:

Arie is up next in Arizona. Emily meets up with him at the racetrack but I’m still not sure that another racer is best for her. You can tell she’s just so into him. He puts her in the back of his Indy car, so I guess she must trust him A LOT because I would have been terrified to do that. I am definitely concerned about his mother not approving, but I like how they’re talking about it in such a casual tone. They seem very cute and loving like a real couple. After the spectacular date portion with the car their calm chat in the grass was really laid back like more of what Emily says she wants.

The family seems to be so welcoming to Emily… and then they start speaking Dutch. I feel so awkward for Emily but it’s also incredibly rude for Arie’s parents (and himself) to be speaking another language in front of someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying. Especially when the father says they’re speaking about Emily. Just as I’ve finished saying that, Arie interrupts his parents to say he wants them speaking English for Emily, and then continues to translate the conversation they just had. I don’t see why they needed to do that entire thing, but oh well. I think Arie noticing Emily’s discomfort and making his family speak in English shows that he is in tune with Emily.

Arie is so incredibly confident that he will marry her, it’s like he’s already proposed and had Emily say yes. I know that it just means he’s confident in his feelings for her, but I definitely feel like something more is going on.

Hometown Four:

With the last date is Sean in Texas and he shows up with his dogs for a calm wander around the park. He has a really down-to-earth quality that I’m sure Emily likes. I’m glad Sean really opened up to Emily about his past relationship. My concern is that Emily continues to call Sean perfect, but that can’t last forever.

This seems like the happiest family, nobody seems concerned or judgemental and it doesn’t seem like there will be any problems on this date. And then Sean drops the bombshell: he still lives at home. Upon bringing Emily up into his bedroom where there is clothes and stuffed animals all over the place with cookie crumbs across everything Emily’s eyes go wide as she rethinks their entire relationship. Of course this was all a joke, but I think it’s great that he’s so casual and open and able to joke like that. Sean’s entire family is such an incredibly awesome family. They definitely seem so genuine and fun and awesome. His dad is such a sweetheart.

Once again, my favourite part of the date was right at the end. Sean running after Emily’s car because he wanted one more kiss was incredibly cute. I hope she doesn’t send him home. All of the things he was saying about her and my mum and I can’t stop freaking out.

Discussion with Chris Harrison:

Emily is looking gorgeous in her royal blue dress, and I always love these conversations with Harrison. I wish Harrison were in it more often

There’s such a short discussion about Chris, where she doesn’t mention any part of the date with him other than him saying he loves her. Jef, Arie, and Sean got mentions about fun parts of the dates, so I feel like Chris won’t be staying. I think the only reason Emily is concerned is because of Chris’s sister, Renee, making Emily think about how she would feel if her brother came home heartbroken.

People Staying:

  1. Arie
  2. Jef
  3. Sean

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)
(third episode: Jef, Doug, Arie)
(fourth episode: Jef, Arie)
(fifth episode: Sean, Arie, Doug, Jef)
(sixth episode: Sean, Arie, Jef)
(seventh episode: Arie, Sean, Jef)

My hopes are Jef and Arie in the final two (I’m leaning strongly towards wanting Jef to win), Sean as third and Chris leaving in this episode.

What did you think of the episode?