The Choice 1×05 -Episode Recap/Review

I’m quite pleased with how everyones dates went last week, Hope was the only one with a bad date (the guy got the instructor of the cooking class’ number!) and I really disliked her anyway.

It’s unfortunate, the outfits that Cat Deely has been wearing for most of the episodes has been really awful, and it isn’t any better tonight.

Finesse, Gronk, Steven, and Rob are our bachelors for tonight.

Steven seems really sweet, Rob is cocky, Gronk is a frat boy, and Finesse seems like the funny man. Oh my god, there is a girl named Princess with a Chihuahua. I am so happy that nobody chose her. The next girl from Boston just came out in jeans, I thought she’d be awesome but she’s kind of crazy and a loud mouth. The girl said absolutely nothing and every guy turned around. 

As I don’t know or care about anybody in this episode, it was really difficult for me to pay attention to it. I guess we’ll find out how the dates go at the beginning of next week?

What did you think of the episode? What did I miss?