Take Me Out 1×05 -Episode Review

I really wish the girls were more casual and normal. I’m not saying they have to be in sweats or something, but all of the girls look trashy in their short club outfits. Even George Lopez looks horrified by his awful jokes.

Shawn, the first guy of the night, keeps 18/30 girls after coming out with a flashy shirt and sunglasses -indoors. Of course you need at least one sex reference for each guy, but it’s got quite tiresome listening to the girls saying these stupid things. I don’t understand how 1/30 remains after saying that he’s into polygamy and that he doesn’t believe in love… They really know how to pick these guys. I’m so glad he got a blackout after he mentions a shrine to himself. How can George even pretend that it’s a surprise? It was a surprise that Julia kept her light on.

We see Phil and Kelly B’s date next. She is so crazy and he was so laid back. He seemed nice.

The next guy, Kash is really cute! He comes out to some Usher and he isn’t trying to dance. He has a nice smile, so far I’m liking him. He might be the first guy I’m okay with, and it’s five episodes in! 27/30 stay on from his introduction. George asks to see his abs, and of course he’s got some good abs too. Sports, chivalry, Southern boy… He’s definitely a catch with 23/30. And here are the sex jokes again, I’m glad there’s a lot of jokes with his name as well. By the end of his two segments he still has 18/30 lights, that’s ridiculous. George just made his first funny joke of the series! This is looking like a good show. The question Kash asks is what the girls consider their most romantic date and why. I liked Sonja’s answer because it’s sweet and romantic, while the other girl just mentions sex. I’m really pleased, because I feel that the sex jokes are really not what a good ole Southern boy would really be looking for… I don’t know, that’s just me though.

Michael seems like he might be okay…? I don’t really know, I wouldn’t turn out my light because of him singing the Chris Brown song he chose… But I wouldn’t be my first choice. But then he comes out with that accent, so that was nice. 20/30 girls still like him. The new girl seems to be just another Zsazsa with the ridiculous comments, I really don’t know why I continue watching… After describing just how cheap he really is, he gets a blackout as well.

We see another date, and their yoga bit seemed really cute. As one of the only dates that worked out, I hope they do well after the cameras stop rolling.

The last man of the night has some fun music and he even throws a bit of a dance move in at the end. Apparently the dance move worked because he kept all 30 lights! I don’t understand what was making girls turn off their lights. After revealing he’s cheated he only has 5 girls to choose between for the date. I found it funny that two of the girls turned out their lights when he mentioned honesty rather than when he cheated.

What did you think of the episode?