Trust Us With Your Life -TV Premiere Recap/Review

Trust Us With Your Life is a new in-studio improv show that features celebrity guests. They have tried to combine a chat show with an improv comedy show. Fred Willard talks with the guest of the episode and then calls on the four improv actors to create scenes from the stories.

For the first episode, Serena Williams is the guest star. This was really unfortunate because I don’t find her interesting. Her stories weren’t interesting, and I didn’t like the first few scenes they showed.

The second episode had Jack and Kelly Osbourne as the celebrity guests and they were a lot more fun than Serena. Every scene of theirs produced good laughs from me and their stories seemed much more natural and unscripted.

I can already tell that my favourite scene of the season will sideways, I was laughing so terribly hard during those scenes.

My Thoughts:

This show had some potential, but it’s definitely not as good Whose Line Is It Anyway.

It’s a improv show, yet if felt somewhat scripted. I’m not sure if it was just Serena’s stories or what… because the Osbournes were fun. Maybe it’s because they’re British. I’m really not sure what it was about this show, but it wasn’t as great as WLIIA. Maybe they should bring back Drew Carey!

What did you think of the show?