The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 9 Recap/Review

First up, we see Emily talk about all of the men still in the show. Her thoughts on Sean are all about how perfect he is, but not too much about their connection to each other. When she talks about Jef she mentions her connection to him, and how much he makes her laugh, and they seem so cute in the clips. But then there’s Arie… Most clips with Arie and Emily are of them kissing and they seem so passionate and in love. I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose Arie, but I do think that Jef would be better for her.

Date One:

Emily’s first date is with Sean. If I took a shot every time she called Sean perfect I’d be in the hospital by now. They get in a helicopter to go around the island and then they are dropped off on a little private island. They get right into a conversation about marriage. Sean discusses his other relationships and how he has sometimes shied away from discussions about marriage before, fortunately he doesn’t seem to do that with Emily.

During their dinner date, Sean whips out a letter (much like Jef’s from last episode) that he wrote for Ricky, Emily’s daughter, about how much he wants to be her father and how he’ll protect and provide for the two of them always. Then he also told her that he loves her. It was incredibly cute, and it just made Emily have an even harder time choosing who to send home.

Then now it’s time for the fantasy suite key. They both accept and hang out in the hot tub and chat some more. But then Emily decides that they shouldn’t spend the night together because she wants to set a good example for her daughter. I like that she does this, but it will be interesting to see whether she continues this trend for the rest of the dates.

Emily always seems so smiley when she sees him though. I’m not sure if their relationship has progressed too slowly though… She seems to have such strong ties to the other two guys.

Date Two:

Jef seems to be the most concerned out of the three guys. They get to go on a beautiful boat to sail the ocean on as they discuss Jef’s hometown. Luckily, his family approved and wants to meet Emily. I love how Jef talks about Ricky, how she is Emily’s number one and he wants to be Emily’s number two, and if all three of them work together then they will be “happy and perfect forever”. YOU GUYS! They can be happy and perfect forever. I’m so pleased with Jef, I’m loving their relationship so much. The discussion about their relationship and how they fit together is great. Just as Emily talks about Sean’s perfection, Jef talks about how Emily and him are perfect together. They then come up to a bit of beach on an island and start playing around and being really goofy.

In her journal, Emily says that although she can’t say she loves Jef back she hopes that he sees in her face that she wanted to. She has to keep him! During the dinner portion Jef has a group of questions for her. He asks her questions about where she wants to live (anywhere that they would be happy together), why things haven’t worked out with other guys, and how would he fit in with Ricky. The way he asked it was so sweet because it showed how much he cares about how he would be as Ricky’s father.

When given the fantasy suite card, Jef says that he would love to hang out with her all night but that he knows the example that she is trying to set for her daughter making him more than willing to forgo the night. His saying this shows he really is ready to be a part of Emily and Ricky’s life, that he really keep Ricky in his mind as well as Emily. He seems to be the best of the three guys in this regard.

Date Three:

Last but definitely not least is Arie’s date with Emily. Arie is still so sure of himself, saying he can’t wait until he can propose to her. They go swimming with dolphins in the open ocean. It’s so cute that Emily keeps freaking out when the dolphins come towards her. Arie is really great as she freaks out because he is so protective about her. They start discussing past moments such as their first date at Dollywood. All of their favourite moments with each other involve kissing, I feel like that’s almost all they do.

Emily’s comment that all she ever wants to do is kiss Arie and keep him on the overnight date concerns me. Firstly, if she stays overnight with Arie only, then she’s breaking her good example in a really bad way. Secondly, it seems that they only have a physical chemistry and they’re not also friends as they should be. At the dinner portion of the date, she decides she wants to find out whether there is more than just this chemistry. I feel like this is one of the first big conversations they’ve had about life after this show. Arie then starts to say how much he thinks he would be a great father for Ricky.

When it comes time to give Arie the fantasy suite card, Emily is so conflicted because she wants to have a sleepover with him but she doesn’t trust herself to say no so she won’t even give him the card. I get very concerned at this point, because I don’t want her to choose Arie, I definitely think Jef is the best for her. But we shall see what happens.

Before the Rose Ceremony:

Emily is starting to get really nervous because she likes all three of the men and she has to let somebody go. Chris (Harrison) seems so compassionate, he’s so sweet and supportive of her. Each guy has made a video message for her to help convince her they should stay.

  • Sean’s video message tells of how much he has changed through this journey and fallen for her
  • Jef’s message is next, going through all of their dates and then mentioning family with Ricky. Tears after Jef’s terrifies me. DON’T SEND HIM HOME!
  • Arie’s message is last where he goes through their dates, saying some of the things he loves about her

People Staying:

  1. Jef
  2. Arie

After the Rose Ceremony:

I got all teary eyed and felt so incredibly bad for Sean for not getting a rose. He is such a wonderful man and he was completely blindsided. He reacted with such class after being dismissed, it just shows how much of a wonderful man he really is.

My Picks:

(first episode: Doug, Jef, Charlie, Travis)
(second episode: Ryan, Jef, Doug, Arie, Charlie)
(third episode: Jef, Doug, Arie)
(fourth episode: Jef, Arie)
(fifth episode: Sean, Arie, Doug, Jef)
(sixth episode: Sean, Arie, Jef)
(seventh episode: Arie, Sean, Jef)
(eighth episode: order-Jef, Arie, Sean, Chris)

I’ll just say the order I think they’ll end in and why.

Jef – he is so incredibly perfect for Emily and Ricky. He seems to truly care for Ricky as well as Emily, and I think they would have a great life together.

Arie – they have such a chemistry that I’m concerned she might end up choosing him when they aren’t emotionally right for each other. What I hope is that she will realize that Jef is better for her and Ricky, and Arie was only a physical attraction.

Sean – it’s not that I don’t like Sean, unfortunately I just don’t think he has enough of a connection with Emily.

What did you think of the episode?