NY Med -TV Premiere

Dr. Mehmet Oz stars in this reality TV show giving a genuine look into the hospital.

  • a man who took Cialis has had an erection for over 12 hours needs a needle inserted to drain the blood
  • a man who is going to jail tomorrow comes into the ER saying he has chest pain and that he wants to hurt himself. Such a dodgy man
  • a transplant surgeon has to do a 12-14 hour long surgery on a man with a massive tumor in his liver but they aren’t able to remove enough of it, leaving him with approx. 6 months to live
  • Dr. Oz brings Abramson and his ex wife together right before the man goes under a massive heart surgery
  • a man comes into the ER with severe back pain who had been taking illegal drugs to fix it. 
  • a woman (with two children) with a large brain tumor has to be awake during her surgery
  • a man comes into the ER with a rash hinting at measles
  • a man enters the ER and hits on the main ER nurse for the episode. so cute!!
  • a patient’s projectile vomit lands in the eye of an ER nurse. the really bad news of this situation is that the patient has a history of HIV and Hep C.

My Thoughts:

I like seeing Dr. Oz in this light. He seems like he’s in his element here and it’s so refreshing. It isn’t that I dislike him in his show daytime show, but this is much more the kind of show that I am interested in. He seems so genuine and fun during the show

This show is about the medical drama, not the people drama that most shows hone in on. I really enjoyed the range of cases we saw and how they dealt with them.

As in life, there are situations where bad things happen, such as the man with the tumor in his liver who isn’t given a good prognosis. I liked that they included this because not everything is good and it shows that. They include the bad but make sure there is enough good to even it out so the viewer doesn’t leave the show feeling depressed.