The Choice 1×06 -Episode Recap/Review

This is the last episode of this incredibly short TV show. I have to admit I’m happy to see it go. We don’t see enough interaction between the guys on the show so they aren’t as fun as they could be. And with Cat Deely’s incredibly horrific outfits every single episode? It’s just not something I want to continue.

Dean, Robert, Tyson, and Ndamukong Suh are the guys for the episode. I’ve recognized at least one celeb from each episode and this is just the same with Tyson. Normally I also like at least one of the guys as well, and I might like a bit of Suh and Dr. Robert in this one? They both seem really nice as they haven’t turned around by the hotness of the girls.

During the speed round I changed my mind from only liking Suh and Dr. Robert to liking all of them but preferring the first two. I guess they’re all reasonably good guys.

Dean’s question: if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
To be able to detect lies or charity. I would choose charity, but he doesn’t which is unfortunate.

Suh’s question: what’s the most generous thing you’ve ever done?
Rescuing cats or donating to MS charity. I like the MS charity option, especially as cat girl couldn’t think of anything else that was charitable that she’d done which is the same decision that Suh makes. As they walk back to the chairs Suh says that as a true gentleman, he’ll let the girl sit in his seat which is a direct dig at Dean’s sitting.

Dr. Robert’s question: describe an event that has changed your life for the better
Celebrating life after grandparents death or being aware of safety issues. I would choose the first answer because it actually answered the question, but he didn’t see things the same way.

Tyson’s question: what are you judged unfairly about?
Looks or smarts/looks. I like the girl who said she was judged by her smarts and looks because she had a reason for the judgement while the looks girl didn’t. Tyson seems to have the same opinion as I did, and I hope they work out because there’s a smart girl on the show!

What I have definitely noticed about all the guys is they’re much more civil than the women celebs were. Yes, there are some sex jokes (obviously, it’s a cheesy dating show) but at least the guys have never openly said they don’t like the girls that they’ve turned around for like Carmen did.

What did you think of the episode?